Divine Lotus Healing Council of Light Channeled Message Are Past Lives Real

Council of Light Channeled Message

Weekly Channeled Message: Past Lives
Sunday, October 31, 2010
Time: 4:07pm
Topic: Past Lives

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Reader Question:

Is there value to recalling your past lives? does it help someone on this path to visit a hypnotist who does past life regressions? Is that even real? Or do we forget our past lives for a reason, so that it is better to just leave them forgotten while living this life?

Council of Light Answer:

Good day to you Laura.  We are glad you are here.  We have been waiting all day for you and we wish to say that this is a great question to answer on your holiday called “Halloween.”  Halloween as you know is a traditional time for humans to contact the dead.  And, we wish to remind you that you can do this all year round, every day, not just on Halloween.  But, we have said this before and we are here to speak about something new.  So, we shall continue.

Let us begin.  Past lives indeed are very real and you don’t need to go to a hypnotist to understand that you’ve had a past life.  For most humans alive today it takes work and effort to remember your past lives, but, you can do it on your own, through the use of guided imagery, meditation, spiritual tuning in.

For many of you, you feel drawn to certain places on the earth and you say, “Oh, I wish I could travel there some day.”  Why do you have the desire to go there?  Most often it is because you have a connection to that space already and you do not know it.  And, it is residually left over from a past life.

Many of you who are good at meditating may wish to ask to be shown past lives that help give you answers towards who you are today for each of your past lives builds upon one another and they make you who you are today.

We encourage you to seek out the support that you need in order to reveal your past.  It is not needed as something to help you in this lifetime.  Although, for some of you, you have aliments that relate to something traumatic in a lifetime long ago and it might be beneficial for you to understand so that you can cure the ailment in this lifetime.  For example, a woman who does not like to wear necklaces or anything around her neck in this current lifetime may find that she was hung in a past life and this feeling of trauma is still with her energetically and she cannot stand to have anything around her neck in this current lifetime.  With some understanding of that experience in her past life she will be able to overcome the blockages that constrict her throat center in this lifetime and eventually she will be able to wear things around her neck once again without fear or uncomfortableness.

So, for some of you it is helpful to know about your past lives and for some of you it isn’t.  For many of you it serves a purpose to give you answers to questions about why you are interested in certain topics.  And, for some it serves no purpose at all.  It is just fun information to have.  It is different for everyone.  And, we cannot prescribe a universal message for all because each human has unique needs and some people need to know about their past and some people don’t.  But, rest assured, you all have had many, many lifetimes with many, many experiences.

Some of you have been famous people.  Some of you have been influential people.  Some of you have done terrible things; murderous things, awful, revengeful, hateful, spiteful things.  It does not really matter for it is all in your past.  And, who you are today is made up partially of all these bits of people.  If you are confident woman today and you are only 25 and you are a successful business woman, you could have had a past life as a queen in Egypt.  And, that is a role that would have been very comfortable at having power at an early age.

We suggest you play with this, have fun with this.  There are many authors who have written books about this,   psychotherapists and the like.  Brian Weiss is somebody whom Laura recommends.  He has a past life regression CD that you can work with to self realize some of your past lives.  He wrote a book called Many Masters, Many Lives and Laura would like it known that she recommends this book for those of you who are questioning past lives in general.  And there are many other people who can give you information on this topic.  Laura herself is one.  We do not wish to highlight people in particular here for there are so many that are great at giving you the information that you seek.  These two people we mentioned are just examples.  We encourage you to find who you identify with the most.

So, with that plain, simple, clear explanation there is no need for us to carry on and on.  For we say simply that Yes, past lives are real.  Yes, you may tap into them if you wish to learn information about yourself in this lifetime now.  And, no, you don’t need to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars to find out the answers to that which you seek.

So, on this Hallows Eve, the day where you make contact with those of us who are in the spirit realm, as a population in general, we wish to say to you Namaste, congratulations, and have fun!  We are the Council of Light.  We wrap you in a golden blanket of light to sustain you and keep you in the week ahead.  And, we say goodbye.

Do you have any awareness of any of your past lives? Please share a comment!

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