Council of Light Channeled Message The Crone

Divine Lotus Healing Council of Light Channeled Message The Crone

Council of Light Channeled Message The Crone

December 2016

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This month, the Council of Light share with us a quick reminder about how to release stuck energy from our individual beings. Next, and surprisingly to myself, they bring forward another being – The Crone – who speaks with you about her role in her work with humanity.

I must say, it was a lovely surprise to have her come through this channeling session. I had no idea she was going to do so. I’ve known about her on a personal level for years, feeling her in the edges of my energy field. Interestingly she came through on the second eve of the full moon this month. She makes reference to her relevance to the full moon in her talk.

I hope you enjoy listening to this channeled message as much as I did while channeling!


This channeled message, along with many of the others, is available on iTunes. You can listen to it via your favorite podcast app.

Do you work with the Crone? What are your thoughts after listening to this channeled message? Please share a comment below!


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