Divine Lotus Healing Council of Light Channeled Message Usefulness of Meditation

Council of Light Channeled Message through Laura West

Weekly Channeled Message: Reader Question Answered About Meditation
Saturday, October 2, 2010
Time: 1:54pm
Topic: Reader Question Answered about Meditation

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Reader Question:

The council has spoken of the usefulness of a meditation practice. Is the primary utility of that to open oneself up to the world of light/spirit, and then to progress spiritually through more direct contact with that world and beings such as yourselves? Or, is meditation itself a means toward that end (I’m thinking now of the more usual Buddhist conception of enlightenment through meditation, which seems rather solitary)? Or is that a false dichotomy in that what the Buddha and others experienced was via connection to your realm, even if not described or even consciously experienced that way?

Council of Light Answer:

We first would like to say good day to you all. We think that this question is a fantastic one because it does not take us at face value and it shows that the reader who asked this question is thinking outside the box of thoughts for what we offer each week and they are trying to connect the dots and make meaning through different connections in their life. So, we applaud them for asking this and for allowing us to be clearer because it is always nice for us as a group of souls working with humans to know what it is you all are interested in learning about. We have much we could say on myriad topics and although we do this sometimes on our own with no agenda from you all it is nice to touch base with you and hear what you are interested in. So, let us begin to answer this important and much needed question.

We are highly evolved beings, so highly evolved that we are light. And, you are on the path to becoming the same kind of being. You reader, are in physical form on the earth plane. You have a very dense body. We do not. We are energy in its purest form; its true essence, light and love.

When we say to you that you should practice meditation we suggest you do so because it allows you the space and the time to listen to your true subtle essence. And, most of you who are reading our message live in the West where you become bogged down and distracted by many forms of technology always keeping you busy. So, if you rest your mind and look within your own soul you will find answers to many of life’s deeper meaning kinds of questions. You are living lives that do not allow you to access this kind of knowledge in your conscious mind on an every day continuous basis the same way that you access your grocery store lists or your to do lists of chores. These kinds of questions are tucked deep inside.

We are charged with a mission from God to support you along your journey. We are not going to discuss God today for that will detract from the answer that is to be given in relation to the question at hand. Some other time and day we will tackle that concept. For now, we are going to say that you may be aware of us in your waking moments and you may not. And for those of you who are not, we suggest meditation as a way to get to know us. We come through a subtle energy field to reach you and we often times cannot be heard in your day to day activities. This is because our frequency is so light and your frequency is so dense. There are those of you who do not need us to be in your lives in order for you to evolve towards enlightenment. There are many spiritual and religious texts and paths that do not recognize us and we are not offended. We see that this is because humans have made the texts and the concepts of the spiritual group and they have yet to experience us so how can they possibly know to connect with us?

Buddhism has been referenced by the reader asking the question. And we wish to say that Buddhism acknowledges spirit. It acknowledges all forms of energy, positive and negative, in many of its texts. There are mentions of demons and gods and goddesses and people pray to those deities and we say that some times in some cases we, the spirit energy in light form, are what is behind the concept of the god or the goddess because humans are trying, or were trying as the case may be when the texts were written, to make sense of us and what we are and the label of demon or god or goddess was what made sense to them at the time.

We want to say that not always are we represented in this way in all spiritual texts but we are an example of how people have tried to make meaning of us when you read about these entities in this way. You do not need to meditate to connect with us. You do not need to meditate at all. We suggest that you do so that you can seek answers to life’s questions from within, free from distractions, free from other people’s concepts and ideas about what is right and what is wrong, and in a space of a sort of emptiness that allows you to connect in a different way. You are not required to do this, it is just highly recommended for we see that when you take this time to go within, to look within yourselves, you grow on the continuum of your learning that much faster. And, that is the point of your lives; to grow, to evolve, to move forward, and to become enlightened. It takes a long time. Many of you, most of you in fact, do not become enlightened in one lifetime. It takes hundreds, even thousands of lifetimes. And, we offer meditation as a tool to aid you in getting there.

We hope we have been clear in answering this question. And, we see that it brings up a whole new series of questions and we ask that readers of our answer and particularly the reader who asked the question in general, begin to think about asking for more clarification for you are always learning and you are always growing. And, our job is to assist you in receiving that knowledge. Thank you for today. We enjoy the opportunities we have to speak directly to you through our channel vessel of Laura and we will approach you next week with more to say. Blessings and adieu. We are the Council of Light and we wrap you in a golden blanket of light to help sustain you and keep you in the week ahead. Goodbye.

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