Video Recipe: Lavender + Purify Refreshing Spray

Lavender + Purify Spray Recipe

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This recipe is useful for:

  • linen refresher
  • mattress spray
  • pillow spray
  • curtain spray
  • couches, chairs, rugs
  • put some on a cotton ball and stick it in the fridge or in the bottom of the trash can to neutralize odors
  • spray in closets to get rid of musty smell

The list is endless…

Make your spray today and then leave a comment below with how you’ve used it!

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Laura West is an International Spiritual Leader, Essential Oil Wellness Leader and Channel for the Council of Light. She offers classes and client sessions to help people find their authenticity and power through Reiki, Spiritual Counseling and Herbalism. Her full bio can be read here. As a special bonus, get your FREE meditation here!

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