The Stew of Energy Channeled Message

Council of Light Channeled Message through Laura West
January 2, 2012
Topic: The Stew of Energy Celebrate the New Year Energy of 2012

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Good day to you Laura. We would like to say, “Hip, hip, hooray!” We honor humanity and your civilization for you all have made it into the new. Those of you reading this have come through the stew; the stew of energy that you waded through so deep, the stew of energy that had the potential to keep you back, holding you afar. Not letting you progress on your journeys thus far, but you have those of you, come so far through the pea soup of energy that is the earth stew.

You have unzipped your old energy bodies and stepped into a new cocooned chrysalis, just birthed you. Your energy is raw and new. It is tender so you must take care. Be gentle with your souls. Be wary at this time of others for you have crossed a threshold and it is time to focus exclusively on yourselves. Turn out the outside world and focus within. Go deep. Sink into your inner harmony. Ask your soul what it is you wish to complete in this year ahead, in this new energy space.

The energy of 2012 is lighter we see. It is calmer and more fresh and ready to be a space of helping and holding light for you so that you may walk forward ever through on your journey towards your own enlightenment. We have said this before many times and we say it again once more: your job on your journey is to learn and grow through many lifetimes, this we know. And, this lifetime with the turning point of 2012 energy has brought you a new space of learning. For some it is subtle. For some of you it is grand. For some of you it has hit you in the face like wind from a fan. And, however the energy has surrounded you; it penetrates deeply through and through. It is a wonderful new catalyst for healing, helping you grow and feeling. Be kind to yourself. Take time to rest. Meditate each day and focus inward with zeal and zest. We do not mean for you to sit for hours upon hours but simply find five minutes of time for connecting with your spiritual power. Your spiritual center must be awakened, you see, for you to be able to continue to receive this wonderful new energy of which you have stepped into.

You will find that you have friends, family, loved ones, co-workers, colleagues and acquaintances who you are leaving behind. You have shed your old skins and you are walking forward anew into this new dawn, this new day of energy, breaking just for you. You have risen, karmic-ly, consciously into a new expanse, almost like a heaven. Of this, you will be happy to dance.

We see that you are like babes fresh from the womb, walking forward out of a tomb. Rejoice, be happy. You have crossed the threshold you see, into a new space of energy. It is not an end game. It is not the end for all. There should be no suffering. Rejoice, rejoice one and all.

If you would like to sustain this energy space, this happy being, that has replaced the dark and tumultuous energies that came before the clearinghouse energies that ripped through to your core; you must practice daily to connect to this grounded centered place of peace and happiness. You will find an inner strength, an inner core. A connectedness to who you really truly are once more. Like plugging in an electric socket, energy currents will run through to the socket. Through your being, coursing, pulsing, helping to sustain energy to you once again.

We see that this is nothing new. We have explained this to you all the way through. We are using different language now, here, today so that you may in some fashion understand the way that this energy has twisted and turned and coiled and rotated to bring you to the space you are in today. Most of the work has been done by you. Those of you reading this message are awakened. You are on the path. Your knowledge of where you are going is true. You are highly evolved beings and for this we applaud and say hooray to your awakened state of being. Your energy is alive with vibrancy like the spring freshness that comes after a long winter’s sleep. You my dears, this energy will keep.

We say hooray for we see you walking along your evolutionary path to join in joyful harmony rejoicing with your ultimate light crescendo, a rapture of sorts. Not the rapture that is captured by some religions, you see. But a rapture of pure bliss and harmony. You are walking upon the earth plane in this happy place. You can remain and sustain this awareness and this state of grace.

We are here evermore, always, helping to guide you; us the spirit from outside source. You must remain aware of this heightened state of being for yourselves to be continually awakened. It is possible for some of you to slip backwards and fall asleep once more, to cloud your minds with judgments. But, we see that many of you are ready to remain awakened for you have stepped through the portal of energy, you see, and risen to this next platform, plateau of wonder and beauty in energy.

We are so proud of you for taking this leap. Your souls have grown from a state of sleep. And, from this you grow, you learn, you move forward. You continue to know all the secrets of the earth plane that are unlocking once again for you have known all these truths to be true. And, when you birthed into this family unit, this you, you decided to walk once again on the journey through suffering and pain to reawaken and remember, brining you forward from the darkness to the sweet evermore.

This year of 2012 promises to bring new energy. It will be intense and rocky and tumultuous for you in many ways that you cannot anticipate at this new moment of birthing. It will bring you much intense joy and speed your evolutionary karmic awareness through with rapidity. Rapid growth, releasing old karmic chords because you have no use for them anymore. You have crossed a threshold and you are in a new energy place and for you new energy patterns will replace the old belief systems, the old core way of doing and being and you will begin to see that your old patterns, your old thought forms do not fulfill the needs that you feel inside of thee. You will continue to grow ever more. You will continue to show a heightened state of awareness, this we know.

Ask for divine support, God-source energy is all around you with loving force. Here to protect you and help you and guide you with loving wisdom and guidance. You are in ultimate control of your destiny, this we know. We cannot do it for you but we can hold your hand. We can stand behind you and brace you strong human kind. And, we may only help if the wish has been heard. We may only come to your aid to give you loving guidance and support your energy growth if you request it. We stand humbly by waiting for your yonder-ing, searching being to ask.

There are those of you who will feel an intensity, a yearning, a deepening, a longing to connect to your spiritual being, your inner core. You have shed the layers of the old you, of pain, of disgruntled old disheveled body energy. And, this has brought forward your spiritual being, fresh like a baby, raw and new. Please remember to take care sitting in this new stew, this new energy. It is delicate. And, in this new state, be gentle. Take care and have much grace. As you rest in harmony with yourself in this new being, this new energy wave pattern surrounding you, it will begin to strengthen and grow and become harder to outside forces that will eventually try to penetrate, this we know. And, you will remain inside this strong core, this light being evermore. Spiritually connected, plugged in like a light, tuned in and turned on to your energy awareness just right. This day we come to you with this message we say it is a catalyst, a turning point, energy at play.

Like we said in the beginning and ever once more, hooray, congratulations! This is a time of celebration! We see that the earth energy coming from the collective consciousness has birthed into a new you. A higher elevated being, a more consciously awake, ever endearing space of residency, of understanding of your consciousness that has a higher vibration. Vibratory intelligence that is forming across all nations. We sense and see that many of you are doing the work to raise the vibratory frequencies of the earth plane. And, you have succeeded in bringing through a new energy to the whole earth successfully guiding, crafting energy. Grounding yourselves on a new plateau in a new platform of energy. Ask for God-source help to support you in this new space, like a cohort. We are here to help and support. We wish you to grow continually and you know all the joys not the sorrow. You have left that behind. You are birthed into a new being of some kind. And we say hip, hip, hip hooray.

We throw confetti and streamers and toot party horns. It is a glorious day, a celebration, a birthing, a birthday of sorts. Congratulations, you have made it to the next platform. Climbing the rungs of the cosmic consciousness ladder evermore, you have risen to that next stage in your life. Take some time to revel in the journey. Take pleasure, not strife. Be happy. Be satisfied. You are birthed anew. And we are excited for humanity.

Those of us who work with you to help you along your journeys see that you are doing the hard work that is necessary. And you, those of you dear sweet souls who read this message true have an understanding, an inkling, a knowing of what to do. Sit in quiet reverent solitude for a few minutes each day respectfully bowing to the energy that we say is surrounding you in this new doorway/ portal that you have crossed through. Notice it. Sense it. Feel it. Revel in the wonder that is beauty and splendor that is being gifted to you at this time of harmony, of joy, of peace.

Make no mistake; there will be catastrophic distress around you in the coming year. However you shall remain clear. Standing firmly from this new space of grace, projecting out love and peace all over the place. This will help to counter balance the strife. The old energy that did not come through this new portal with you. There will be wars and anguish and pain coming from others who, once again, chose not to rise and ride through the portal of energy joining you. You are in a new place. And, it is up to you as people awakened in the human race to continue to hold space, balancing and counter-balancing the negative energy with beauty and grace.

Feel the love coursing through your hearts, your veins, your muscles and your energy beings once again. Project it out across the universe. Heal the earth. Send it to adversaries with mirth. Do not mock. Do not jest. Send it with true love and compassion. And, always, always remain true to your core being once again. For we see that this is the way for you to continue to be true to your own energy that is new. Hurrah, hooray, ha-roo for you. Congratulations earth being, cosmic consciousness starry light, your loving vibration shines so bright. Take a moment. Breathe deeply. Feel it this day, this night. Celebrate your journey. Give yourself a high five. You should be proud of the energy journey that you have arrived, in this new space, in this new place. Congratulations to you. We are proud of you earth dear one. Yes, we speak directly to you, and you, and you too. All of you, each individual reading this message. Create a global loving oneness that cannot be destroyed. Breathe it in to your heart and project it out, project it out over the earth plane. See it coating the earth like a pink blanket once again. For this will help to counter-balance the old energy that did not come through to this new space with you.

So, upon this earth plane you will walk with new energy. Take care. It is raw. It is fresh. It is pink. It is the new you. Be gentle with your souls. Don’t try to hard at first. Take time to get to know the new you. We see that most of you are eager to begin anew. Feel the joy. Feel the love. And as we have explained, it will begin to grow and form a hard wonderful, resilient exterior shell around you that will allow you to permeate love out to the masses evermore.

Good day to you dear ones of the light. We send you blessings, very bright to your awakened core, your souls so sparkly and bright. Congratulations to you for being awakened on this journey true. Namaste and adieu for now. We say to you that we are the Council of Light bringing you loving energy and beauty forthright. We wrap you all in a golden blanket of light to help sustain you and keep you in the weeks ahead helping you to be guided from a clear space in your head. Bright blessings on this day. Namaste. Adieu and goodbye for now we say.