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Council of Light Channeled Message through Laura West


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Good day to you Laura. We are glad you are here. Our message for you today is simply that of love. Love for others, love for the earth, love for yourself. We as spiritual beings see that there is harmony created through the essence of love. Not necessarily romantic love but compassion love, that open state of the heart center that allows one to see the goodness and beauty in all no matter the faults and foibles of the complete package they are viewing.

You all as human beings try so hard to love one another and yet it is difficult for there is much violence and bloodshed upon the earth plane. We in spirit form see that you have a duality happening in your hearts. There are those of you who are completely open and compassionate; loving and honest, truthful with yourselves 100% of the time. And, this is a rare quality to have and to exhibit for it is hard for humanity to always remain in this pure loving bliss filled state.

You have expectations that you set for yourselves and that arise for you throughout your days and your emotions are tied to these expectations and sometimes your emotions are negative; anger, sadness, jealousy, hatred, rage and the like. We see that you can not control these emotions as a humanity whole because they are so prevalent and run so coarsely through each of your human societies- just look at all the fighting and bloodshed happening around the world.

But, we wish to say very clearly today that love is the reason we are speaking to you today and love is what we shall focus upon. In order for you to attain this level of purity in your heart you must come from a place of seeing goodness in all throughout the world. And it is hardest to do so with the ones that are closest to you. For you become hyper critical of their actions. You attach meaning; value and judgment to the things the people closest to you say and do. And we ask you to take a step back, not from your emotional connection to these people, but take a step back to a place of just observing.

When you can just simply observe the people around you and just simply notice their actions, their words, their behaviors, their patterns, you will find yourself less likely to react out of judgment or anger or fear or sadness and you will be able to see them as a human soul, moving forward on their own evolutionary continuum, just like you.

Chances are you do not view yourself as a bad person. And, it is so easy for humans to say that others around them are “bad” people. But they truly are not. They are simply living their lives and doing what is best for them to do for themselves. And if you get caught up in worrying about what they are doing this causes you pain and disconnects you from the energy of love. Loving energy for all of humanity, a universal connectedness, a tapped in, tuned in feeling that you are one twinkling star among many hundreds of thousands of bright lights in the universe, all these bright lights are the souls that we speak of that walk upon the earth plane, all of you in conscious human form.

Let go of your judgments. Let go of your anger. You cannot control others. Release their actions from your being. Control your judgments. Control your actions. Speak from your heart not from your emotional mind in your head. When you take the time to speak from a heart centered conscious place you will begin to see a new shift in how you respond or react to people. When somebody says something to you that makes you feel angry consciously take a few seconds to breathe in and out and in and out before you make your reply. This will enable you to speak from your heart centered space. What you are scientifically doing here is transferring energy through the breath into the heart area and out of the emotional reactive mind state. You are shifting energy down into the heart area which will allow you to speak in a kinder, gentler way. Your scientists are beginning to prove that this kind of energy moves throughout the body and is true and that it can happen and does readily and easily. But we are not here today to highlight those scientists.

We are here to remind you that you must also, and we will say first and foremost, have loving compassion for yourself. You must take ownership for this loving compassion for yourself. You must feel it for yourself. You must own it for yourself. You must have control over it for yourself. It is not enough to ask the god-source energy on high to love -you for the god-source energy loves every piece of the universe and has always done so and will always do so for ever more. But this does not translate into you being a loving, kind, compassionate person. Simply having god-source love you does not translate into you being a loving, kind, compassionate person. You must love yourself and feel this love within you. It must be a pure loving identity part of your being because then and only then will you be able to send, project out this same love like a beacon of light to others on the earth plane.

You are like a rock, a platform of love from which to stand upon. And when your platform is firm and strong your love can be sent out across the earth plane far and wide to other beings. Be careful not to get caught up in the trap of thinking that this same love will be reciprocated back to you from others because you are sending it out to them. For it will not. A great example of this is illustrated by a woman who treats a co-worker with compassion and the co-worker does not reciprocate with compassion in kind. The woman begins to feel negative energy towards the co-worker and the cycle of negativity and judgment and blame can be circled around upon by the woman sending out love and not having it reciprocate. However if she just sends out loving energy to her co-worker with no expectation of any response or reciprocation in kind then she is still able to sit in the loving vibration and send it out to the universe at large continually like a beacon of light no matter what, or how, or who responds.

Pay attention to your thoughts in your mind. Notice when you think about other people in your life and notice what it is you think about them. “So and so should do this. So and so should do that. They should not be saying, or doing or acting like this. They should be saying or doing or acting like this instead.” Those are judgments. Get rid of those. Hold your own actions accountable just for yourself. Let go of thinking about the ways other people should behave. If they are impacting your life in a negative way, get rid of them. And by get rid of them we mean simply detach their energy from your life. This is a much deep topic for another time for we can see that many of you are beginning to ask, “But what about my family member, how could I let this person go,” etc. We will not talk about that here but in an upcoming channeled message.

So start with yourselves. Be one with your own being. Tune into your own energy vibration. Raise it high through meditation. And, focus on this vibratory strength, this vibratory pureness and bliss, this cosmic love that we speak of here today. And, keep tuning into this loving vibration, letting go of pain and negativity and judgment. Letting it wash away like water poured down a drain. Take time every day to meditate, to sink into your being, to tune into your heart center and release any negativity that is held there. Keep a clear heart. Keep a clean heart. Fill it with loving vibration. Picture this loving vibration entering into your heart center like waves of golden or green light, loving energy being sent from the universe. Notice how it fills from your heart center up and down and around and through your entire energy being.

So this we say to you today is such a simple and yet complex act. We see that it is hard for you to stay securely on track. And, we remind you with gentle compassion that spirit guides are always here to help you in this endeavor. And, should you need support in this loving guidance simply ask and you shall be shone the way. Fill your heart with love each and every day for you deserve this love. And, it is ours to say congratulations human race. We see that you are evolving all over the place, raising your energy harmony up, up ever to be connected with the loving divine. And, in time you shall merge into harmony with the diving. And, until then keep trying. Keep growing. And, know that you are always supported by the divine conscious energy of love.

Namaste. Good day to you. We wish you blessings and good tidings too. We are the Council of Light and we wrap you in a golden blanket of light to sustain you and keep you in the weeks ahead. Thank you and good day.

om laura