How to Stay in the Divine Energy of Love Channeled Message

Council of Light June 2012 Channeled Message through Laura West
Topic: How to Stay in the Divine Energy of Love


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Good day to you all. We are glad you are here. We are glad you have stopped by to hear our message and what we have to say. We are a group of divine beings from the stars at large and we come to the earth to help human beings learn how to play with your hearts and your lives moving forward, ever growing, towards your own enlightenment.

Today we would like to talk about love. The power of love, you see, is such an awesome force for you to be immersed in all the days through. And, we wish to say to you that when you live in a state of love and grace, unconditionally, for the entire human race, you are living your life from a very high vibratory place. It is true we see that human beings have the capability to feel anger, hatred, jealousy, and emotions of the like. We wish to remind you that these are alright because they help you to learn and grow. But, where we see humans getting stuck is when you wallow in the anger, the greed, the jealousy, the hatred. Some of you on the earth plane, we see, get stuck in these feelings of negativity and your lives become wrapped up and immersed in this harmful energy. We say that it is harmful because we see that it holds you back from your enlightenment and moving towards your eternities. To become an evolved being like the many masters who have come before you, you must rise above this karmically, energetically, negative energy. And, you must learn to vibrate in a space of harmony in your energetic bodies.

How do you do this, you ask? Well, we see that it takes practice and for some of you, more practice than others. It does not mean you are bad. We are glad, you see, that you are coming into this consciousness of understanding about this kind of reality. There is much work to do and you can choose to do it or not, if you wish. It is up to you. When you feel anger or pain or suffering of any kind it is best to acknowledge these emotions and then leave them behind. By leaving them behind we say to you that you must take some quiet time for yourself to drain them away from the body. You may wish to meditate or pray. Ask for these negative feelings to be lifted away from your energy being by the spirit of the divine that plays in your life at this time. You may know who this spirit is, you may not know who this spirit is. Just trusting that we are always with you, and by we, we have the understanding that it is the colloquial we of universal spirit, loving and kind that has been charged with helping humanity evolve towards your ever closer enlightenment stage.

There are many, many angelic, spiritual, teaching, helping beings that reside in this etheric form and we are always by your side. Some of you refer to us as saints, gods, deities, devas, spirit, it does not matter what we are referred to because we all come from the consciousness of love and god source from up above. And, we are here to help you move forward all the days through, each and every one of you. You are all divine souls. You are all beautiful sparks of light that walk the earth plane day and night. Touching upon the earth so dear with your bright sparks of light, you draw many energies from the universe near because you have lit up your planet earth so bright and this is curiosity for energy in the universe that comes to check you out day and night. And, of course some energy is true to helping you and some energy is true to helping itself. The energy that wishes to help itself has no regard for the human race. It is not bad, it just is. We have said this before, many times. And so, when you feel negativity or anger or jealousy or hatred or rage or any other of those kinds of hard emotions, it draws curiosity of the same vibration. And, if you are not careful about crafting an energetic space of positivity even with this kind of hard energy, you will begin to draw these energies into your life that seek only to please themselves and to rise above, higher and higher into the night. Your life will take a downward spiral and it will become harder for you to walk clean and free out of the muck and the mire.

So, as we mentioned before in this talk, one way to do this, to move forward beyond the muck is to meditate, pray, ask for the energy to be lifted away. Sit with a candle burning bright in front of you in the night. Really, ideally, you should be cleaning your energy each day, draining it away, asking for it to be cleared, feeling it going down out of the body into the earth to be transmuted and healed, and, feeling clean energy, loving kindness, beauty and grace. Replace it in your heart instead. If you need help doing this kind of work, there are many practitioners on the earth plane that we have charged with helping to clear the energy field of rage and anger and pain. You may wish to do  this on your own or in a meditation group or once again we say, there are many, many avenues for you to seek. But, the important thing here is the ritual that we speak of and the more you practice living in a state of grace, asking for this loving harmony to wash all over your energy space, the more you will begin to connect with these lighter, loving vibrations we see. And, you will be able to live in a space of harmony. You will eventually reside in a place in your life where you are stable and harmonized and you may see dysfunction or anger or suffering or pain around you, coming from those whom you love, whom you play with, whom you work with and you will be able to remain in your loving state of grace watching the pain drift by you like on a river.

So, once again we say that this is possible for you. It takes practice through and through. It is like learning how to ride a bike. First, you are wobbly and then you become more smooth and then eventually you can ride however far you wish to go. Learning how to live in a state of grace takes practice and hard work and you are not wrong or bad for feeling anger or rage or jealousy because these emotions help to teach you things in your life. They help to acknowledge that there is pain and strife and that you wish to move beyond it in your life. For those of you who are surrounded by negativity all the days through, you must separate yourselves from this negativity through and through. You must learn to recognize yourselves as unique divine light beings and stand on your own in this energy space and say to the negativity, “Thank you for presenting yourself. Now step to the side. I choose to reside in a space of love and light and healing and grace.” And then, stop acknowledging the negativity. Acknowledge the light. Acknowledge the positivity. The more you focus on this positive aspect of energy, the more you will feel it residing in your life in times of strife. And, you may call upon it. You may ask for it to rise, evermore strongly in your heart, growing in vibration from the start and infusing its positivity through your life, through your vibrational body helping it to grow into a nice big bubble, a cocoon of love around you just so.

When you do this, you are strengthening and growing and practicing and knowing how to live in a state of grace and love and comfort and joy. And, this will thus attract more of this same vibrational energy to your door. You will begin to see, feel, sense the harmony of the divine that is always present and by your side. And, you will begin to walk hand in hand with this beautiful harmonic loving energy far, far into the land. It will emanate out of you. It will vibrate all around you. And, it will begin to attract others to you who are vibrating on the same energetic harmony level. This shift may be subtle, for some it may be profound for others and over time you may sense a shift in your lives like no other. And, eventually you will be waking up each day knowing that you live in a space of grace, knowing that you are about to play with the wonder and the magic and the beauty of life each and every day.

This is a wonderful space to live from because, you see, you are able to do much healing work, much energy harmony work upon the earth plane. And, once again we say that spirit is always by your side helping to guide you forward on your true path towards your enlightenment evermore. All you have to do is ask for spirit to show up at your door. You must be clear about what spirit you wish to work with you, you see, because if you have a generalized understanding of which spirit it is you will receive all spirit both from the light and from the dark, the yin and the yang from the start. And, as we said before, some of this energy only works to move itself forward and it will use humanity as a stepping stone to get where it wants to go. This is energy that we see as necessary in the universe to help balance the light so that we have an evenly keeled energy harmony day and night. But, if you wish to practice loving grace then call upon the positive energy that sits in front of your face. Ask for it to come from the light, from the god source, from the harmony. Ask it to come through strongly to you. You may wish to listen to energetic meditation  CD’s or podcasts or videos, however you feel the need. We as spirit come to you in many, many forms. Today you are listening to just one. And, this talk is about how to begin, you see, for we recognize that there are many, many of you that are out there who wish to begin and don’t know.

So, sit today for five minutes in quiet contemplation. You may wish to have music on in the background to avoid distraction. Peaceful, harmonizing, meditative music, prayerful, soulful, spirit connecting music, whatever you are drawn to. And, call spirit forward from the light. Ask for the angels. Ask for the teachers. Ask for the ascended masters. Ask for the saints that you work with by name to come and wrap themselves around you in a circle. And, once again we promise that we will all be there, and by we, we are talking about the colloquial we of spirit from the light, because this is our job, day and night.

We wish you all peace on this loving journey that you are creating for yourselves. And when you invite us in, ask for us to give you messages of blessings and love and light. You may hear us speak. You may sense our energetic presence. You may feel a harmonic, loving energy residing in your heart. You may sense a lightness, a shift of energy from the start of when positive loving vibration arrives to be by your side. Simply start by noticing and when you notice you may wish to listen for there are always messages, you see. Some of you are ready to understand these messages and some will be able to just let them be and in the future you will be able to hear or know what it is that spirit has to tell you so. When you are resting in this space of gratitude from your heart, just a few minutes, five minutes is all we ask from the start, it is important to say thank you at the end of your time and acknowledge the gratitude that comes along with this space that you have just resonated in. And, ask for the energetic positivity to return to you at another time, when you are in need. And, then you may go about your day at good speed, knowing that you can tap in, tune in to this loving space of grace at a moments need and notice. The more often you practice this the easier it will be for you to become enlightened with love, this we see.

So, we encourage you to begin today. Start in whatever way resonates with you connecting with grace and love and peace and harmony. We are always by your side, this we see. All you have to do is call out to the loving energy of the universe, god source, divine light, holistic healing energy, however you wish to think of it, each way is always right. You may have a different label than one we use here today and if that resonates strongly with you then we say hooray, use that. For, the important thing is to be connected to the energy at hand and to notice its positivity taking shape across the land of your life. And, when you do this there will be no more strife over time. The strife will begin to hold less importance for you, you see. And, you will begin to focus more on the positivity. We do not mean to suggest that negativity will leave your life, for it will always be present day and night. It needs to be part of your life so that it can balance the energetic harmony of light. But, again you will be able to move forward and not be affected by it as much. It will not wash over you, rooting you like cement to one space in your life preventing you from moving forward into the light. You will be able to notice it and sense and see that it holds a tiny, tiny space of residency somewhere in your life path. And, the more brighter, ever effervesant light will be this loving positivity that we have been speaking of here today.

So, at this time, we wish to say thank you for listening to our message today. We bless you and keep you in the loving light, you see, for we are the Council of Light, divine beings for all eternity. We come to the earth plane as human souls grow into the ever wondrous loving energy, this we know. We wrap you in a golden blanket of light to sustain you and keep you through the weeks ahead. May you feel grace and god source by your side. May you feel loved and full of energetic pride for your connection to this harmony. We send you bright blessings on this beautiful day. Thank you for listening and we say adieu, goodbye for now and Namaste.

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