Positive Energy Abounds Channeled Message

Council of Light May 2012 Channeled Message through Laura West
May 12, 2012
Topic: Positive Loving Energy Abounds

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Good morning Laura we are glad you are here. Today’s message is about energy and how to win; win at life, win at peace, win at love, win at being content with yourself, your body’s desires, your human desires, you mental desires, just all around winning. This concept of winning is nothing new you see. It comes from a line of positivity and when humans react to strife in their life with positive thought forms they will not gripe. It is so often easy, we see, to say, “Oh this bad thing happened to me today so I feel bad and thus my life is bad or negative or hard or harsh,” and yet it is so simple we say to change your mindset and see that hardship brings positivity.

How is this so? We choose to look at life for all humans eternally from a positive place. We come from a space in the universe where we understand how to change the vibrations of our energetic beings so that we may be harmonically resonating at a high vibration of positivity, no matter what the situation. For you as humans, let’s break this down one step at a time so you may see how this abounds.

First, let’s say something terrible happens to you one day. You are driving in your car and you get a flat tire, you see. You have two choices. You can choose to say, “This stinks. My life is not good. Nothing goes right for me anyway.” And, if you choose to say this and think this and feel this and believe this you will be creating energy that is full of negativity. This kind of energy is dense and dark and hard to navigate through. It holds you back on your continuum towards your own enlightenment. And, it prevents you from moving forward in your life, growing, changing. It holds you back in chains through negative thought forms that repeat again and again and again.

However, if when you get this flat tire you say, “Huh. What is the lesson here I am to learn today? Is it patience? Is it acceptance of how I cannot control this situation? Did I get this flat tire because maybe I am not meant to be in the place I am driving to at this very moment?” You see, when you begin to open to the possibility of wonder, about why things happen in your lives, you begin to see a larger picture that connects the dots and it begins to help you see through new eyes, through a lens of non-negativity, through a lens of sometimes positivity, sometimes questioning reality, wondering without judgment why this is happening to you. Every experience you have on the earth plane helps you through and through to move forward on your evolutionary continuums towards your own enlightenments.

And, if you are able to work through each experience that happens to you from a place of neutrality, you move faster on your path and reach enlightenment much more quickly. For those of you who are practicing bodhicitta, you understand that the world must be looked at with complete neutrality so that you may help humanity once you become a bodhisattva. For those of you who are working on anger, pain, frustration, suffering, you will receive situations that are angry, painful, frustrating, filled with suffering for you to learn from. And once you accept that the anger, the pain, the suffering is teaching you a lesson and you begin to realize that you have to learn from these lessons, you will no longer need the anger, the pain or the suffering in your life because you will have learned from your strife.

We see that right now on the earth plane in this month of May in 2012 it is a time of energy shifting once again. There was just recently a portal of energy, a doorway opened that helped many of you to move forward, shifting into a new plane of existence. It occurred with something that you humans call the super moon. And, for many of you, you remained stuck and rooted in one spot. For, you were afraid to move forward because you didn’t want to ruffle your feathers. You didn’t want to experience something new. Of course we are speaking about all of this from a subconscious point of view.

When this happened and you did not move forward as was gifted to you by the energy that was stirring anew, you became agitated, angry; physically you felt pain in your body. You had emotions stirred up that were raw, that were based in anger, sadness, sorrow, grief. You began to look at this anger, sadness, sorrow, grief, this painful realization of the self and it was too much, too hard for you to acknowledge and to look through, beyond to the goodness that was awaiting anew. And, we say to you that all you have to do is breathe, center, stop thinking about the negativity. Think about the change, the growth, the end outcome of where you want to be.

If you are sick, and you are physically deteriorating, and each day you focus only on this physical deterioration and the pain that wracks your body, this is what you will experience day in and day out, perpetuating this cycle, building its energy in your life all the days through. However, if you are sick and you are wracked with pain and you breathe through this pain and you see a small bit of beauty and joy each day, maybe a bird flying outside your window or eating a piece of candy that brings you pleasure or hearing a baby babbling to its mother, something simple, and sweet, if you focus on this lovely harmonic energy you will begin to replace the negativity surrounding your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and etheric bodies with a lighter more positive vibration.

This is an exercise for all of humanity in loving kindness towards yourselves. So many of you are wrapped up in your own egos, your own bubbles walking upon the earth plane in your own suffering, sorrow and pain. And, we say to you that it does not have to be this way. There is an entire network of love and compassion waiting for you to tune into, plug into, and live through every day. Feel gratitude for the good things in your lives. Seek pleasure. Seek joy. Not from materialistic things but from a soul perspective. Do things that make you happy. Associate with the people who love you unconditionally. Do not worry or focus on the people who do not like you. Release them from your energy. Let them go. Look forward to the light each day and each night. In your minds eye practice this exercise daily. Sit with yourself, breathe consciously, feel your soul stirring. And, if it brings forward painful feelings, acknowledge them and give them permission to release and let go, to be replaced by the positivity that we know is inherently yours to receive.

You have but to believe that you are worthy of goodness, compassion and grace. And, it will come to you staring you right in the face. We promise. We know. We are enlightened beings in the universe who have experienced this in other capacities and this we know, it too can happen for you.

Seek out the gurus, the wise ones, and the wisdom masters who understand how to do this without disaster. They are the people on the earth plane who can help you, can inspire you to move forward in a state of gratitude and grace into your own harmonic energy place. Take classes. Meditate. Read books. Watch inspirational shows. Listen to the wisdom of the blessed master teachers that walk on the earth plane and integrate it into your lives in a way that makes sense for you.

We as a soul group that is charged with helping humanity have sprinkled this message wide and far through all the inspirational speakers, healers and teachers out there. And we are always, always here to support and help and guide and love humanity to help you move to a new loving place in the universe. Goodness abounds. You as a divine soul deserve to receive all the love, all the blessings that are coming to you. Wake up. Open your eyes. Feel them and say, “Thank you. Thank you for these blessings. Thank you for this goodness. Thank you for teaching me the lessons through pain and sorrow that I need to learn so that I may grow into a more evolved human being.” This we know.

Through pain and suffering comes learning and growing. And, you must do so in order to grow. We love you all from a divine place, unconditionally, from top of the head to tip of the feet and back again. And, we wish to say from this state of grace we leave you with bright blessings on this bright day. Namaste. Adieu. We are the Council of Light and we wrap you in a golden blanket of light to protect you and heal you, to comfort you and keep you, in the weeks ahead so that you may be supported and grounded in love. Good bye for now from above.

om laura