Redwoods Channeled Message

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Setting the Stage

When I was in California, I had the great fortune to visit Muir Woods where I learned that although the Redwood trees there are not the widest Redwoods (that distinction is reserved for the giant sequoias in the Sierra Nevadas) they are in fact the tallest living things on earth. Some of them stretch as high as 380 feet tall! The tallest one in Muir Woods proper is currently 258 feet tall.

While I was there, I was overcome with the strongest desire to connect deeply with the trees. I walked for about a mile before finding a semi-quiet spot to speak their message. It was a weekend day and mid-afternoon so the park was packed full of people. I was standing in the Cathedral, a surreal quiet sounding grove of tall trees that stretched up and around a bend, and yet there were many, many people who were not tuned in to the magic and spiritual vibe of the place.

It was astounding to me that even though there were signs to be quiet people were yelling, running and chatting as if they were in Starbucks or at the park. It was actually unnerving for me as I was vibing on such a high level with the trees and their high energy. Nevertheless, I found a small cave-like structure that was naturally hollowed out from one of the Redwood tree trunks and I began channeling in there.

As I spoke, the words of the trees came gushing out of me, in a pleading, desperate kind of way.

They are really scared folks. They need our help. (Read Channeled Message Number Two below)

As I was tuning into this intense vibe, a troupe of noisy people came up to the spot I was standing in and began speaking loudly about how cool the space was and how they wanted a turn to step into the tree trunk. I ignored them as best I could and my husband quietly and calmly stood in front of me to buffer the outside energy, but they persisted. Their energy was so powerful (and quite frankly invasive, although not intentionally so) that I got distracted and asked them to whisper. I was actively channeling the message at this point and was pulled out of my message downloading to speak to them. It was challenging to straddle both worlds of energy. However, I did it and eventually finished channeling the message.

Divine Lotus Healing Redwoods Channeled Message Tree Inside

Several days later, while on the plane home to Boston, I got another message from the Council of Light about why that experience was so energetically opposite.

Redwoods Channeled Message From the Council of Light

The people there were unconscious of their vibe. It was loud, invasive, spread out over everything without a care in the world. It represents the powerful dominance energy that is trying so desperately to take and keep hold in our world right now. We can see this with the political climate in the USA currently. By asserting boldfaced dominance in a blind-push-forward-at-all-costs-but-is-actually-deep-seated-fear kind of way this energy is being felt harshly by others in our society*  as oppression. And so the two energies are clashing.

notes: * others in our society refers to me, you & everyone else with a social justice bone in their body

Redwoods Channeled Message From the Redwoods

We are the trees and we are here to tell you today we need your help. We are hurting and we are suffering. We are the trees of the redwood clan in the Muir Wood region of the earth and we speak as ambassadors on behalf of all tree beings.

Humanity is causing us suffering. Humanity is causing us pain.

We need you to help us.

We need to be protected.

We need to be supported.

We want you to know that we are asking for help. The earth* is constricting us. Our breathing is becoming less and less clear. We are unable to filter through the harmful particulates in the earth’s matter that help the earth shine as brightly as it once used to.

We need your support. We need your help. We beg of you. We plead with you. All of humanity please help us and support us. The earth* does not know the suffering it is causing us. The earth does not know our pain. We stand as tall quiet sentient beings.


And yet we suffer.

Please let us enter into your being. Let us enter into your heart. Let us enter into your consciousness so that you may know that we are asking for your help. So that you may know that we are asking for your support.

We beg of you and we plead with you.

Help us to survive.

We have supported you for so many centuries and now we are declining at a rapid rate.

We ask that you consciously understand that we are dying. And we need help.

We are sorry to bring this to you in such dire terms. We do not wish to alarm you. And yet, we are so clearly suffering. The time is now. Support us.

Rally and help us continue to grow.

We love you and we send you kindness. We filter the air that you breathe and we ask that you support us and help us in return.

notes: *the earth refers to the people of the earth

So, this is a very stark message. I’m curious to know what you think. Please leave a kind word and share your thoughts in the comments below!

om laura