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I want to know what we as individuals who are living in a society where we can live freely (comparatively speaking), can do for those individuals who are living in societies where freedom is not possible for them right now. I feel very strongly that no matter what the distance is between us and another country whose people are suffering, or how vast the differences in our cultural backgrounds may be, we are all connected. The pain, personal limitations and strife people feel thousands of miles from us, affects us all.

I believe that it is important for us to strive to stretch our hearts and minds everyday to model love and compassion. But is it enough for us to do that here while living in a free society? Or could we be doing more? How can we make a difference half-way around the world?Please share your thoughts and wisdom when you have the chance. I think this is a very relevant issue at this time in our world. Thank you.


Greetings dear one. You are a blessed light. And, we see that you are connected to the energy grid that is humanity. You are sensitive energetically and you are feeling on a subconscious level the pain and suffering of your brothers and sisters. All of humanity is connected energetically like a spider web across the entire globe of the earth. You all come from the same energy makeup. And you all are moving forward to the place called enlightenment, or evolution, or the light, or heaven; however you wish to label it. There are many of you who are capable of living freely as you so speak of in your question and it is your duty when you feel called to this understanding that there are others who are wrapped in energy chains that hold them back, prevent them from moving forward, who are in pain, who are underprivileged, and the like to support them.

You dear one, we suggest, are awakening to this support factor. And, we thank you for raising this question here for there are others, countless others, reading this question who feel the same way. And as they read our words, and hear our answer, they too will be awakened and called to help do something for their fellow brothers and sisters who are also yours, who are also connected to you. You must send energy. The consciousness of a repressed nation of peoples will not understand that you are sending them loving guiding energy. However, their subconscious mind will feel it, see it, sense it and know it. And this will enable them to move forward a little bit farther each day.

We ask you not to judge why they are placed in the dire circumstances that they are placed. Your media outlets do a horrifically, terribly, awfully good job of highlighting the atrocities and horrors that people suffer on the human plane and we remind you not to judge why this is happening. Yes, it is hard for you to watch these atrocities being committed and we say as painful as it is, these people have agreed to some karmic lesson, some karmic debt, some karmic understanding through these experiences.

You too have suffered the same kinds of pain in past lifetimes. And, you have come through this suffering and you are now birthed into a lifetime where you can energetically support others who are going through things you have already been through.  This is why you are feeling called to support humanity as a whole. You have a yearning, an inkling, a burning, of understanding. And we are opening it wider today with our response to you.

It is intention that sends loving energy forward to those who need it most. Think it and send it as energy currents or waves of wind or loving strands of pink light; however you wish to send it. And, wrap it around the person, a tribe, a group, an ethnic people; however you wish to send it forward. And, we suggest that because the human mind works with concrete much better than abstract, that you go forward in your life learning how to send energy using specific techniques. Although it is not needed and all that is required is the intention of sending it forward. You can sit on your couch, think in your mind in a quiet state, about sending energy to the people whom you choose, and it shall be done.

We suggest that you, as a human race, will find it beneficial to learn specific energy techniques. There are many. The entire world of Qi Gong, Thai Chi, Reiki, Pranic Energy and the like, speaks of how to send energy forward, far away, out from the body, as a part of its manipulation. And, should you feel called, seek out a system of sending energy that feels right to you, that makes sense. And it shall guide you in how to send forward this universal energy. Be aware that it is not your own energy that you are sending. For you are connected through an energy web that is not your own on the earth plane with all of humanity. And when you feel the importance of supporting people who are suffering, their suffering is causing a ripple, or a tug or a pull on the energy field that connects you all. And you, dear one, are most sensitive energetically, and are feeling this tug, this pull, this pain. And it is your job to bring healing loving supportive energy into the connected energy hub, web, spoke, wheel and send it along to them.

Our blessings to you. We thank you, evolved beings, for being aware and understanding that as you move forward part of your job is also to look backward and bring the others along with you. You are not better. You are not a saint. You should not martyr yourself and sacrifice all of your energy time to send to those in pain for this will only cause you strife in the end. You need to balance your healthy life, your safety, your security, your comfort with your own growth, pausing every now and again, taking time, to tune in to the energy grid and send loving energy out.


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