Council of Light Channeled Message

Time: 7:13am
Topic: Restructuring Your Energy Field

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Good morning Laura. We are glad you are here. Now, onto today’s message. We wish to talk to you today about the nature of energy in relationship to human emotions. As we have said many times before, there are all kinds of different energies present in the universe. You may choose to think about them as light and airy, heavy and dense, dark and vibratorily low, vibratorily light as feathers, etc. And, human beings are capable of feeling emotions that have these same energy patterns. When you feel sad or angry or depressed the energy is heavier in your body then when you feel happy, excited or joyful and elated. And, when you as a human are conscious of these feelings you can continue to feel them or you can change them.

The energy that is inherent in the universe is always there, always around, floating through time and space, seeking ways to attach itself not as a consciousness, but as its own entity with a job of attaching to emotional states of being through, mainly, people. It is true that plants and animals have consciousness, yet, they use their energy in a different way most often than humans do.

So, a human being who feels anger is surrounding themselves in this energy and if they are not conscious of how much space this angry feeling is taking up in their body, or their life, the same energy wavelengths that travel through the universe that associate themselves with anger begin to make their way towards this human being. They begin to settle into the person’s life, their home, their possessions, their attitudes, their feelings, their workplace, their transportation, everything in this person’s life begins to fill with this angry energy. Sometimes the person is aware and sometimes the person is not. The same can be said for happy energy. When someone feels joy in their life, say for example at the birth of a son or the culmination of a marriage or the graduation from a program of study, the energy of joy in the universe that is looking to make its way to a settled resting place, feels and finds this joyful emotion and attaches itself to the human being and his or her possessions, dwelling, workspace, feelings.

And as a result of examples such as these there are human beings who tend to go through their lives as happy people, as angry people, as depressed people, as people who are just going through the motions and are what you all call “asleep at the wheel.” And, when you come into contact with each other your emotional bodies can feel these differences. You sense and feel when folks are vibrating at the same frequency as you, like with like, and you also feel when folks are vibrating at a different frequency. And, sometimes this difference in frequency does not feel good and you know that this particular person is not meant to be in your energy field.

We would like to say very clearly now that this all does not mean that if you are feeling depression and depressed state comes over your whole being and whole lifestyle that you will be feeling this depression for your entire life. Humans have the capacity to understand, rationalize and control, change, modify, manipulate and grow their emotions and hence their vibratory energies inherent in their lives. You have the capacity to change the energy state that surrounds you just by noticing, becoming aware, thinking new thoughts and growing.

When you continually think about one specific thing such as a joyful event or a sorrowful event, you are continuing to attach to the energy associated with that joy or sorrow. And, sometimes this is needed until you understand fully how to work with the energy. And, sometimes this is detrimental because you are stuck in one spot, hyper fixated on this one particular sensation of emotion.

As you go through your lives you have experiences that you learn from, that you grow from and sometimes you look back and you can laugh at where you were on your evolutionary continuum because you realize you have come so far. And yet many, many of you have not yet done this, have not yet moved forward to be able to look back and be able to reflect. So many people walk around on the earth plane with their own little individual bubbles of energy surrounding their bodies like a cocoon or a bubble and you do not realize that you have the ability to step outside the bubble and look at it from a different perspective. You continually surround yourselves with the same feeling over and over and over again.

And, we as a universal group of light beings invite you to try shifting your perspective. We invite you to participate in a mini-lesson of sorts. First, just try noticing the predominant emotional feeling in your life at this time. Second, notice if you enjoy this feeling or not. Third, if you do not enjoy this feeling, begin to think of the feeling you wish to replace it. For this will create a focus on the new feeling and hence the new energy coming into your life. Do this continually every day for a period of time and when you notice the feeling or the emotion present in your life at the surface of your energy being that you wish to change, immediately do not focus upon it. Bring the new energy feeling into your life and your being and your consciousness. And, the more you are able to focus on this new energy emotion feeling it will begin to take predominant shape in your life. The whole point of this exercise is to help you learn, grow and develop so that you may travel forward on your evolutionary continuum of learning and your path of ascension.

We invite you to give it a try. It can be very fun and rewarding. It can shift your perspectives. It can help you grow. For some of you, you will have profound experiences of change. For some of you it will be slight and subtle. And, we promise that for all of you, you will move forward.

Ask for the assistance of the energy light beings that work with you as your guides. You may know them as nature spirits, angels, light beings, Devas, spiritual teachers, ascended beings, religious figures, saints, high priests and priestesses, shamans, yogic teachers and the like. It does not matter whom you call upon for all beings that are incarnated in spirit form are tasked with helping you grow and we are speaking specifically of the enlightened ascended spirit beings. They will come to your aid and support you in your journeys of growth.

So, with that we say good luck, good day to you, Godspeed. We are with you always in whatever capacity you choose to acknowledge us. Thank you for listening to our message today and we shall be back again next time. We are the Council of Light with other added additional light beings making themselves present with us today and every day. We acknowledge each one of you as a spark of light and we invite your light to grow, to manifest and become brighter upon the earth plane. And, we wish you many blessings of peace and love and joy and harmony and balance and restructuring of your field so that you may grow. We wrap you in a golden blanket of light to sustain you and keep you until the next time we are to come into contact with you. Namaste. Adieu and goodbye for now.

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