Divine Lotus Healing Council of Light Channeled Message Where Does the Soul Go When We Sleep

Council of Light Channeled Message through Laura West

Channeled Message: Where Does the Soul Go When We Sleep?
Saturday, May 15, 2010
Time: 2:35pm
Topic: Where Does the Soul Go When We Sleep?

When the body is sleeping the soul travels, plain and simple. #CouncilofLight Click To Tweet

The session this week was precluded by the question, “Where Does Our Soul Go While We Sleep?” Below is the answer given by the Council of Light.

Good afternoon Laura. We are glad that you are here. We see that you are working hard today. We have already worked with you once before (client channel session earlier in the day) and we are happy to be back again.

The question you ask today is a good one: Where does the soul go when the body is asleep? The answer has many forms and variances because it is different for all people. When the physical body is sleeping the soul travels, plain and simple. It leaves the physical body and it goes elsewhere.

Some people are known as deep sleepers. It is hard for them to wake up and come back to the earth plane because their soul has traveled very, very, very far away to do the work that it needs to do. And, some people are known as light sleepers. This does not mean however that the soul has not traveled far; it just means that the soul can come back to the physical body at a moments notice.

The soul, depending on the person, goes to different etheric planes or energy regions and does different work depending on the task. For example, some souls get together in groups and they do higher order work together to help heal the planet. Or, some souls go to places that we can tell you are like rooms for healing and work to be done for them on their own. Some souls go to assist others while they (the other people) are asleep.

Everyone has a job, a task, to be done while the body is resting. You may be wondering why then a human being does not remember this upon waking up. Well, to be quite honest, some people actually do. But, the vast majority of people do not. And, this is because, plain and simple, they are not meant to. You made a contract with your physical body before you came here to the earth plane that you would use the body like a jacket to be taken off and put on at certain times throughout the day. And, for many of you there is no need to remember what happens while you are asleep because you are already doing so much work in your waking state that it would be too much to process.

If you are curious about where your soul goes while you are asleep there are things you can do to help it to remember to tell you when it arrives back. Dreams are one way of remembering. Sometimes people have dreams that are so vivid that they feel real. And, we would like to say to you that it is true. An experience that one person is having in the dream state is not really a dream but an actual occurrence in a different reality. So, keeping a dream diary or dream log next to the bed will help you to remember where you went.

The first time Laura ever dreamed in color as a child, and remembered it, she was dreaming that she was riding a bicycle. She had never seen this place before and she will not see it again on the earth plane. But, the place where she was riding this bicycle does exist, in another reality that her being can only access when the physical body is asleep. The ego mind and the rational mind are resting and the soul is free to get up and go.

There are some slight connections to the body while one is sleeping. It is not like when a person dies and the soul leaves the body permanently, never to return again. When a body is sleeping you could picture if you will, small energy threads of light still connected between the soul and the body, almost like a tethering cord. Of course these are not really there, it is more just an energetic presence, but we give you this visualization to help you understand. Thus, the person is able to return back to the body if they need to wake up at a moments notice.

For people who are constantly being awakened in the night, say for example, parents of babies and young children who are continuously getting up in the night, or, someone who is sleeping in a place in the world where dangerous activity occurs at night and the person needs to be aware for their safety, these kinds of people are able to travel with their souls far away, yet many do not because they choose to stick close to the body should they need to get up rather quickly.

The groups of beings that we mentioned earlier that some souls are apart of are fluid. They change over time. New souls come in and some souls move out. Much like when you learn a new skill as a human and you learn from listening from others and from practicing and growing, so too does the soul. It gathers with others in a group and does its work.

So, there are groups that you travel with, or a person travels with, as soul groups. They could be other members of your family, soul mates who you have not met on the earth plane, or maybe you have, souls who are like minded, anybody who you have agreed to work with. Groups can be as small as two or three souls or as large as hundreds of souls, working all together for one purpose. As we mentioned in the beginning, some souls have jobs to do like helping to raise the energy of the earth. Others have jobs to do like protecting people on the earth plane, or healing, or guiding, or transforming. Everyone has a different job. Jobs change over time. Soul groups fluctuate in and out. They are not stagnant but static with lots of fluidity and movement, people coming and going all the time. It is a lot like a large corporate office with hundreds of workers coming and going all the time.

There is not a way to measure this with scientific tools yet. But scientists are working in what you call “sleep labs” to figure out things like why the body goes to sleep. Eventually, many, many years from now, when this spiritual side of life that we come from, not spiritual as in religious or mystically sacred, but the physical spirit side of life, is acknowledged by science, then there will be ways to measure when the soul goes and when it returns. For those of you who have experienced sensations of spirits around you, either in visitation, or as in doing the work of a psychic medium, you will know and understand that the sensation of spirit around you is a lot like how scientists will be able to measure the soul coming and going in the future. The soul acts like a spirit and it is with us, by meaning our physical bodies, sometimes and when it goes away it is the same as if a spirit has visited you and it leaves and you feel a change in the electrical currents in the room, temperature in the room, static electricity in the room, etc. But for now, your science has not figured out how to do this. We could explain it, but it would take a very long time and it would derail the topic of this conversation and talk we are having today. So, we will save it for another time so as not to bore our readers.

So, please continue to send us your questions. We really do love hearing from you all. By the way, we can hear your mental chatter, your mental ponderings and wonderings, but we cannot answer you publicly in this way, unless you send your questions in through Laura. So, we invite you to do so, continue to do so. Thank you and adieu for we are the Council of Light and we bid you goodbye. And, we wrap you in a golden blanket of light to sustain you and keep you until the next time we are to meet again. Goodbye.

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