Divine Lotus Healing Council of Light Channeled Message How to Remove Negative Emotions

Council of Light Channeled Message

Topic: How to Remove Negative Emotions


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Good day to you all. We say to you, “Hello,” from far and wide, up above in the skies. We come to you today with a message of love and of hope. And, we say that there are many of you struggling today, struggling with your emotions and we wish to speak about how to calm the waters of these strong tides that flow ever so through your lives. For you see, your emotions are a lesson for each of thee to learn from, to master and to gain wisdom.

When you experience suffering and pain you have two options. You can continue to suffer through the hardship or you can choose to learn how to grow from this suffering, this we know. And, when you choose to learn and grow and move forward, then the pain and suffering melts away and it is no longer at play in your life because you have learned a lesson from the strife. Emotions are powerful tools to help the body balance its energy. They are catalysts for reconstructing, for re-growing, for looking at things, situations, people in a new way. And, for many of you we see that you have blinders on today. You are accustomed to feeling blind rage or depression or anxiety and we say that this need not be.

If you wish to get out of the trappings of this negativity you must begin to call in the light and the positivity. As you begin to call in the light, think of it as divine loving source energy coming to you from up above, where we reside in a place of love. Ask for this energy to come streaming down all around thee. Feel how it melts through your entire body. Feel as it washes you clean and rejuvenates thee. As you do this you will begin to attract positive energy into your energy space and into your well being. And, the more you practice this, of course we suggest daily, but for those of you just starting out once a week will suffice, there is no doubt, you will begin to replace the negativity with this positive, loving, ever flowing energy. Some people will see this as a meditational tool. Some people will see this as a visualization towards positive shifting. Some of you will physically experience the energy and feel its vibration.

All you have to do is picture it melting in through the top of the head, bringing it all the way down to the toes, seeing yourself filled with light from fingertips to nose. And, we wish to say that your emotions that grip you and hold you in place that have locked you into a negative space will slowly, eventually, gradually begin to shift their importance out of place. And, the more positive, harmonious, loving energy will take place.

There is nothing wrong or bad, you see, for those of you humans experiencing disharmony. For, disharmony creates change. It is the energy that creates lessons to be learned in your lives. If you had chosen to incarnate on the earth plane and you had no strife or pain you would be perfectly happy, content as can be and a wise wisdom master as we see that surround us here in the loving light. But, many of you are not in this space and it is because you are learning lessons of love and patience and grace. We wish to say to you that all of this is okay. For, this is the purpose of life we say. Reincarnating time after time, life after life, with people you love and people who bring you strife. For these two energies balance each other out, providing a harmonious equanimity and we say that this brings you learning, insight, inspiration, growth, grace and harmony if you choose to look at it that way.

We urge you to say, “The pain in my heart is a lesson for me to learn from, to grow from and to ever be putting it aside, rising higher and higher into my own divinity.” If you choose to look at the suffering in your life as a lesson rather than a quagmire, a pit full of quicksand, you will begin to see how to reach the end. If you wallow in despair, in sadness, and in suffering, if you completely let depression and pain and anger envelop you completely without saying or knowing or understanding that you have the ability to let this help you grow and move forward into a positive place, then this we know, you will forever be stuck in a sad, negative, lonely place.

And, of course, you have help along the way in your human race. Through your lives towards your evolutionary enlightenment, this we say to you each and every time we speak with you because it is so important for you to remember and you to know that divine loving guidance is a presence in your life ever so. You do not need to label it or call it one name. There are many names for this divine loving presence: God, Love, Light, Positive Energy, Angels, Ascended Masters, and the like. However you wish to think of this positivity in your life, call upon it and ask it to stand by your side. And as you do, this will happen day and night. We are always with you, we, the colloquial we of divine loving spirit presence energy. And, as we are always with you, we cannot act and support your actions in your lives unless we are called forward by you to do so. This will only occur when you are ready to grow. And, we say to you very frankly and clearly now that it is time, now. You are ready. Call upon the loving, supportive energy in your life to help you move beyond the suffering, the pain, the heaviness, the discontentment and the strife.

Some of you have very grand experiences of hardship taking up space in your lives. Some of you have smaller lessons of strife to learn from. There is not one cataclysmic, awful, horrible thing that needs to rip your life apart for you to begin learning and growing. It can be a small suffering, a small pain, a small misunderstanding and not knowing. Ask for insight. Ask for guidance. Ask for clarity on how to proceed with moving forward with positivity. Sit in quiet contemplation and you shall begin to understand and see the wise loving wisdom energy that is ever present in your lives, ready and willing to help thee.

It is so simple and somewhat black and white. You have hardship. Hardship is lesson to learn from. Once it is learned, it is mastered and you move forward. And yet, so many of you are stuck in one place as if you have glue on the bottom of your shoes rooting you to that one space. It does not need to be so. Take a deep breath into the center of your being and let the pain and the suffering go. Exhale it out. See it physically trailing out away from the body like a line of smoke leaving you completely. And, feel in its place a space of light and love energy that has replaced the darkness and the negativity.

This is all about how you choose to use your mind frame you see. If you choose to continue to focus on the negativity then that is what will surround thee each and every day. If you choose to begin to focus on the small bits of positivity that are slowly entering into thee, then these small bits of positivity will begin to grow into larger more harmonious parts of you, this we know. And, eventually over time you will find that your entire energy being is filled with this gorgeous, positive, healthy, loving light and it has overtaken all strife. The strife may still be present and cause trigger reactions for your emotions, this we see, but it will no longer be the catalyst that holds you, wrenched into one spot, this we see. You will be able to experience strife and pain and suffering within the positivity and you will be able to keep moving forward ever so sweetly.

We say all of this to you now because there is a cosmic consciousness shifting on the earth plane. Humanity’s understanding of how to be in relationship with one another is changing on a massive, huge harmonious scale. It is helping to raise the vibration of the earth energy to a new space. And, all of the guidance from the universe that has been instructed by god source to help with loving energy in moving humanity forward is occurring at this time. It is a slow process. There are many doors that are open to awareness on the other side. And, we are presenting you one way here today that you may wish to try.

We see that some of you are ready to give this a go ahead and explore and some of you will need coaxing and reminding, gently, once more. That will be for another channeled message you see. But today we say ever so sweetly, loving spirit guidance is holding your hand, asking you to move forward, small baby steps across the land. Think about your positive energy. Think about washing your entire physical being with loving divine light and do this day and night. The more you wash yourself with light, the more pure and harmonious your energy vibrations become. And, there is no space left for negativity or strife to attach to your life. Give it a try and you will see that you will begin to feel different, lighter, more free.

So with those simple, clear instructions we wish to say thank you for tuning in and listening to us today. We are always and ever more, the Council of Light. Divine energy beings sent to help the earth move forward just right. We come to you through the voice box of Laura West here today and each and every time that we say what we have to share with you, on a monthly basis. We wrap you in a golden blanket of light around your shoulders, tucking it in ever so gently and yet so tight. This will help to sustain you and keep you in the weeks ahead, until we have another message to share from up above. Use this golden blanket as a talisman. Feel its energy wrapping around you hand in hand, comforting, warm and loving, helping you to grow, helping you to move forward, helping you to remain stable, this we know. We say to you now, goodbye for now, adieu and Namaste.

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