How to Connect with Divine Spirit Channeled Message

July 2012 Council of Light Channeled Message
Channeled through Laura West
July 1, 2012
Topic: How to Connect with Divine Spirit

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Good morning Laura and the world at large. Today we are here to talk to you about light and about love. These are two words that in your metaphysical circles you hear often in your world. Love and light, they go together hand in hand. And why is this so? Well we know it is so because we come from love. We also come from light. And, the two are very similar, you know. You as humans experience them differently we see. You experience light as something external to the body and you experience love as a feeling, an emotion, a knowing in the heart center. We suggest that they come from the same vibration and are actually from the same source metaphysically.

If you were to see us in our true form, the spiritual beings talking to you now, we would be vibration. And, we would show ourselves as patterns, light waves, energy waves, beings of love. We don’t have a human shape but often to come to humans we must present ourselves in a form that you recognize. So, we come in the form of feeling, or we come in the form of a body, or the form of specific sound and words, but really, we are formless. And, when you are in the ether between lives waiting to reincarnate and you are with your soul group you are the same form of energy waves, of light waves, of loving energy. It’s true that you have a consciousness. So do we. It’s true that you have purpose. So do we. But, if you were to think about what shape you would be, most often most of you would be energy waves, shimmering like light.

When you are working on developing your psychic and spiritual senses it is important for those of you who are wishing how to get in touch with the spirit in your life, to call upon this loving light energy. Why do we tell you to do this? Well, it is so because as we have spoken to you before in past messages, there are many, many different kinds of energy in the universe. And, it is looking to do many different kinds of things. We as a group come from a place of god-source, loving energy and we have been charged with helping humanity grow; move forward along your evolutionary continuums until every last one of you becomes an enlightened being on the earth plane.

We are here to help support you. We are here to help you learn. We are here in loving guidance, at your every turn. And, there is some energy in the universe that is not so. Its main purpose is feed its own energy growth. And, it will do this under any means necessary. So, you may describe it as negative, or dark, or scary, or bad because it uses its energy in any way that it chooses. And, sometimes it chooses to use its energy by attaching to humans and using your energy so that it can gain energy for itself.

We see this energy from a place of neutrality in the universe. There is no right. There is no wrong. We understand the balance between this heavy and this light that is needed to make everything symbiotic, perfect and so right. However, as you humans are just starting out, it is important to frame your connection with love and light in a very specific way so that you feel just right. And, when you do this you will experience the love that comes from the cosmos for you, you see. It will come streaming through your energy and fill you with a cosmic love, a cosmic light, a cosmic energy that takes you to new heights. There are many, many names for this and many techniques for doing this. Some people experience this as Samadhi. Some people experience this as kundalini. Some people experience this as bliss. Some people experience this as deep meditation and emptiness. There is no right and there is no wrong. But, in order to feel the energy ever so strong, you must be clear and specific about which energy you wish to work with.

There are those of us in this energy wave pattern that have specific vibration. Some of us have been to the earth plane in incarnations. We chose to come to you in human form and we lived on the earth plane long ago and you know us as saints and religious figures, as mystical healers and teachers. And, if you ask us to come to you, calling us specifically by name, we will come and you will feel the difference between us and another once again. Some of you have been visited by us already we see. And, you are surprised. But, take this joyfully. For, there is work to be done and lessons to be learned because you have great things to do upon the earth plane. Now, it is finally your turn.

For example, we come through this woman Laura here you see and she did not know all those years ago that we had so much to say through her voice box. We come as a group universal. We call ourselves the Council of Light. We are individuals and soul group made up of different light. There are those of us who come through who are the more famous beings that humanity would know and there are those of us who come through that are just general light forms charged with helping humanity grow. And, she has accepted that we have things to say through her voice box each and every day.

And, you too can channel our wisdom, the divine wisdom from entities from the light, if you take time each day and night. Last month we spoke to you about creating a sacred and safe space and ritual to enter into this place of grace. Have you done so yet? We want to know. Those of you, who wish to practice, make it so. Spend five minutes once a week, the same day, the same time, in reverent, quiet respect for the divine. Light a candle. Be quiet. Go within. If it helps, turn on some special music so that you can tune in. Ask for the energies of the divine, generalized or specific of any kind, to come and surround you. Ask for the light to come and filter through your energy being to protect you. Ask for the saints, the archangels, the ascended masters of all kinds to come and surround you, wherever you sit in your abode. And, we will do so. And, if you pay attention, just ever gently so, not hyper-fixated, but just gently ever so, you will feel as shift in the energy in the room that you sit. You will begin to feel consciousness in a new way. You may feel magnetized. You may feel pressure on your body, gentle yet firm. You may feel like there are others standing with you, tall and lean. You may feel the presence of angels. Some of you may even see this energy body in your minds eye or hear some words if you give it a try.

What is the purpose to doing all this you ask? Well, you are all on a journey on the earth plane. And, your journey is to travel through lifetime after lifetime after lifetime until once again you reach that final lifetime of understanding and knowing. And, when your body expires, you enter into enlightenment, that space of total grace, total understanding and total, absolute space. This is your job. You signed up for this long ago, each of you listening to this message have had many lifetimes, this we know. Some of you remember, some of you do not. Some of you have inklings and understandings of different past lifetimes, maybe not all. Any and all of this is okay. And, some of you may even say, hogwash, that’s not true for me today. And, we understand that you all are on a journey, unfolding the learning that comes to you so naturally.

Where you are today is very much significant because you have come from so many experiences that were at play. You have learned, grown, been taught, had troubles, had issues, had foibles, had joys, had sorrows. And, it has all brought you to where you are right now, in this lifetime with the understandings of how the world works under your belt. And, some of you will continue to grow and continue to learn in many lifetimes moving forward, this we know.

You have the resource of the loving light, the cosmic consciousness, always by your side, in every lifetime that you choose to live. There are some of you who have gone through many lifetimes with the soul group of another and you continue to work with that soul group in this lifetime and more ahead of you. There are some of you who are from different soul groups and you are working with others in this lifetime, we see. Any and all of this is okay for it helps you to reach that space of eternity.

We wish you all much love, much joy, much luck, much harmony, much peace, on your earthly journey for we see that it is hard to be incarnated on the earth plane because the energy there is so thick and dense. We call it pea soup. You walk around through this very heavy energy and it makes you feel asleep, driving at the wheel. And we see that you work so hard to reveal your connection to spirit and your connection to the divine. There are so many ways that you do this: prayer, meditation, ascension, astral projection, yoga and the like. Some of you simply sit outside under a tree and connect with the energy. All of this helps you to tune into the divine grace that we have to offer in every place.

If you were to travel the world you would understand that humanity knows us by many names and humanity connects with us through many different kinds of practices. There are none that are wrong or that are right. It is all what is perfect for that person in that space at that time. We sound universal here today, we know. And, it is because this loving light that expresses itself is universal to all of you, this we know. It is so easy and yet so hard to connect with us and to hear the words of god-source. It is so easy because it is all around you all the time and yet, some of you don’t understand this and cannot hear it because it is right in front of you.

Eventually, with practice and reverence for the sacred and the divine you will begin to understand that this light love energy surrounds you and speaks to you and works with you all the days through. And, we want you to know that you are ever, ever so loved, this we know. We as spirit form charged with helping humanity grow, see each and every one of you as a divine, beautiful, wonderful spark of light, walking upon the earth plane just right. You have the right to live a happy life. You have the right to feel satisfied and fulfilled. And, if you do not feel happy or satisfied or fulfilled you need to ask yourself what needs to change so this may be so. It is your divine birth right to live in your own heart space and be your own human being free from attachment and negativity.

It sounds so simple and yet we know it is so hard. There are those of you who are surrounded by troubles and foibles and we suggest to you that these troubles and foibles are lessons that you are learning, you see. And, once you have learned them, masters you will be. Never again to experience the ways that these lessons have come through, for once you understand them as lessons, there is no need for them to come back to you. It may feel hard. It may feel like you are walking up hill all the time. But remember, call on the divine. Ask for our loving light to come and surround you. Ask for the angels to come and give you wings so that you may wrap them around you and protect you, through all things. Call upon specific angels, specific deities, specific personalities and we shall come to you and be by your side. We will give you guidance day and night.

We love you and we speak to you from a state of grace. And we ask that you always remember this where ever you are upon the earth plane. So try practicing connecting with the light and we will see you and speak to you next time. We are the Council of Light and we wrap you in a golden blanket of light to sustain you and keep you in the month ahead, helping you to grow and balance and stand firm. Practice connecting with our energy and you will see that the divine surrounds you for all eternity. Namaste and goodbye for now.

om laura