Divine Lotus Healing Council of Light Channeled Message Living Purposefully

Council of Light Channeled Message through Laura West

Channeled Message on Living Purposefully
Saturday, July 10, 2010
Time: 7:06am
Topic: Living Purposefully

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Good morning Laura. Good day to you. We see that you are eager and ready to start, so, we shall begin. The message we have to share today is a simple one and one that we have touched upon many times. And, that is: energy.

Everything in the universe is made up of energy. And, for those of you who are seeking the positive flow of vibration it is often hard to remain there when energy of a lower vibration is imprinted upon your energy field. We shall give you an example of what we mean:

If you think for a moment about a particular day you have had in your life where everything was running smoothly and you were in a good mood and you felt good about yourself and you were highly productive and tasks on your to-do list were being accomplished and suddenly, an interaction with another human being completely derailed and deflated your energy, your speed, your emotions, your thoughts, your patterns of productivity. This is because that particular human was resonating on a lower energy level than you. This is not to say that this particular person was bad, or negative, or harmful, just that they were operating at a different speed than you.

It can be hard to regain your momentum after being affected by someone else’s negativity, or energetic weight, or sluggishness, however you wish to call it. There are however some simple strategies, or “tricks of the trade”, or tips that you can do to combat this kind of experience so that you may interact with all kinds of beings and still clearly move forward without their energy attaching or imprinting upon you.

First and foremost: learn to meditate, for when you meditate your energy field and vibratory rate rises slowly over time to a constant rate. Meditation is a form of getting in touch with the higher self and there are many types, styles, and schools of thought on how to meditate. We invite you to sample and pick the best one for you.

Number two: you must be clear about the vision you hold of yourself. And, this must come from within you. Do not go about your day and seeking life experiences thought the lens of thinking about how others perceive you for, when you make all of your actions based on what others think, this will create faltering steps when somebody enters your path and they do not like, or they do not resonate with how you are behaving, thinking, feeling, or acting. Always make decisions and choices based on what is best for you, in the moment, at the time, throughout your life. Live consciously and live purposefully.

Number three: make choices that propel you forward. Do not decide to become employed at a job where you are sliding backwards on your evolutionary scale. For example, if you are an artistic designer try very hard not to take a job in a restaurant service industry area for example, because, your creativity and artistry does not have the ability to flourish, shine, blossom, and grow in that setting.

We understand, as a group of spirit who have never incarnated on the earth plane and come from a very high vibratory place, that as humans it is hard to make ends meet and that sometimes choices that are made cannot be avoided. Please note that all of what we are saying to you today is suggestion only and that it is a good rule of thumb to live by. But, if it cannot be adhered to, that is okay.

So, getting back to living purposefully: Seek employment in your life that honors your creativity, inner desires, and your inner spark of interest. If you like computers, seek a technology related employment. If you like people, seek a service industry job. If you like knowledge, and learning more, seek a teaching position. If you like tinkering with your hands, seek a repair, mechanic, craft style job. And, if you are in a position in your life where you feel trapped or stuck, hold the vision of what you would ultimately like to do in your mind’s eye and work towards that as a goal to rise out of your current situation.

For example, a single mother of two children whom is self employed and has several part time jobs, must hold the vision of her end goal at all times in her mind’s eye so that she can work towards that end goal and eventually all the part time work she does to make ends meet will melt away and the one creative job that she wishes and desires to hold will come to fruition. It is a form of manifestation. It is a form of request to the universe and it works.

The universe has spirit helpers, such as ourselves, who are charged with the task of aiding humanity in its growth. And when you put forward the call that says, I enjoy X. I would like to do it full time; we work behind the scenes to get the ball rolling. Now, it is important to note that you must wait for the results for most often they are not instantaneous. And, you must be open to accepting them in whatever manner they come through. We can help you but only if you are open to the path. And, we say to you that you cannot know which direction to go to get to your end goal without some trust that the universal laws of forward motion and enlightenment and spiritual growth are helping you along the way. And, sometimes these facets of your experience are working in a way that you might not understand. So, should an experience present itself to you that does not, in your eyes, relate to your end goal, please to not say no right away, for, it may in fact relate down the road to where you are trying to get to with the goals in your life. And, by you saying no, or not participating, or shutting it out, or turning it off, it stops the goal from coming to fruition.

Some of you may say, why me, why now, why this experience? You may feel like you are having trauma or negative experiences or hardships or pain in your otherwise abundant, happy, healthy lives. And, we will tell you that it is a part of your karmic debt to go through these experiences. You see, your soul has lived before and reincarnates through several, sometimes hundreds, and we will just say many, many, lifetimes before reaching high levels of understanding of which some people refer to as enlightenment. And, from lifetime to lifetime you create experiences that are like ripples on water. And, the ripples get sent out and they affect other people. And, those people in turn send out ripples of their own which affect you. Not every effect can be experienced and understood and realized in each lifetime. Thus, in the next lifetime, you are presented with a task or a challenge or an experience that you perceive to be negative that teaches you a lesson.

Not all lessons learned are from negative experiences. But, we are just speaking now to those of you whom are feeling like you are burdened with something and you don’t understand why or where it comes from.

Many of you upon reading these words will have a comforted feeling and or a sense of understanding that “just feels right.” This is because your soul is remembering the way the world works on a grand scale. For various reasons, of which we not go into today but some other time, the mind is like a blanket. And, it covers up and shields the soul from remembering true essence during each lifetime. And, it is the person’s job to remember.

We see that there are many humans who right now are in the process of remembering and self discovering through meditation and psychic awareness development and spiritual growth and connection to others. And, we encourage all of you to participate for when you do your lives will change for the better. We do not suggest that you stop everything in your life and run off to a far away place to study under the tutelage of a guru, although some of you may wish to do this and that is okay, it is not right for everyone. But, simply finding the balance in your life, wherever you live, to center and ground and calm and look inward upon yourself to be able to reflect, at least once a week, is a key starting point.

You have helpers whom some of you refer to as spirit guides, angels, teachers, lightworkers, it does not matter what they are called, for they all come from the same high vibratory place that we come from and they all are charged with helping humanity evolve and grow. And, some work with you individually. It can be hard to experience us and trust that what is happening is real. We spoke about this last week, particularly to Laura, and generally to our readers at large. We understand that the proof is in the pudding so to say and that humanity requires several repeated experiences, coincidences and related experiences to connect the dots and make meaning of us being in your lives. This is where walking your own path comes in. It is important to trust and believe that your experiences with beings such as us or beings like us is real and you should not falter or waver if other humans disbelieve for when you falter or waver it severs the connection between us and makes it harder to connect. And, if you have enough doubt, you will push us away entirely. And, we will not be able to cut through the energetic cords that surround you so thickly and eventually we will not be able to work with you at all.

If this should happen during this lifetime, have no fear. For, your soul will reincarnate into another life time in the future and we will be there to support you in growing and wakening on your spiritual path. But, we do not mean that you should just give up and not try now, for, what is the purpose of living this life if you do not try and learn to grow? It would seem quite silly to have reincarnated into this earthly body in the present and do nothing to evolve, sitting like a bump on a log. There is energy in the universe that is designed and whose mission is to do nothing but to do this, but we say to humanity that your task is to grow and evolve. And you should consider doing the work that is needed in your lives to reach enlightenment. We cannot stop you if you do not choose to do this work, for, you have individual free will. And we, including all spirit who comes from this very high vibratory energetic light space, does not and cannot control you. Spirit which tries to control you is from a lower energetic realm. And, it is not ultimately seeking your greatest and higher good, but its own. And, through commanding and commandeering your lives, it gains control and power for itself because its only interest is itself. And, while we say to you that your only interest should be yourself we see that most humans have big hearts and are able to walk their own path and be open, kind and generous to fellow humans to help them grow, much like themselves.

So, our message today is clear, clean, simple and succinct. And, should you have any questions about your own specific paths that each of you are on, we are happy to speak to them individually to each one of you; either through a private session with us or the group format. Simply connect with Laura and we will answer your questions next week. If no questions come forward at this time, although you may have them rumbling around in your heads, that is fine as well for we have much to say and we will continue sharing from our own database of information until somebody’s question or wondering comes along.

Thank you for your time today. For, we are the Council of Light and we wrap you in a golden blanket of light to sustain you and keep you well in the week ahead to provide you sustenance and clean energy and a positive vibration moving forward. And, we bid you adieu. We shall see you next time. Goodbye.

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