Divine Lotus Healing Council of Light Channeled Message Is the Ingestion of Substance Useful to Spiritual Seekers

Council of Light Channeled Message

Saturday, September 25, 2010
Time: 11:05am
Topic: Is the Ingestion of Substance Useful to Spiritual Seekers

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Do any of the drugs used by seekers (for example, salvia divinorum, traditionally used by shamans, or even LSD as used in the 1960s) have any useful effect in permitting the human mind to move beyond its usual limitations, or do these substances merely produce entertainment which is distracting, or even destructive?

Council of Light Answer:

We wish to say that this question is interesting to the populace at large and we see that many people wonder about the uses of these stimulants to help them achieve connection with a spiritual-ness in life. And, our answer is simply: Both. Our answer is cut and dry. For you see, the conscious mind can step aside and allow the subconscious mind, the spiritual mind, to leap out into space and time in ways that most humans in their waking states do not get to experience. And, the mind is able to do so without the use of these so called substances or drugs. However, there is a caveat; it is hard for most people to do so easily, quickly and on a regular basis. Thus, many humans find it useful to use a mind altering sedative or a mind altering plant material or a mind altering substance to help them achieve this experience. It is still the same experience whether the person is having it without the aid of a substance or through the use of a substance to help them get there.

For some people ritual and routine is required before they are able to allow their minds to enter into this state. So, as with shamans who are referenced in the question above, many of them are able to enter this alternate mind state, this freer state, without the use of a supplement or substance. But, the act of setting a space by using sacred objects and of doing certain things in a certain order before the mind enters the space is part of the process of entering into this mind altered, mind freed, mind propelled forward to its natural spiritual being state, before hand. The phenomenon of many people using LSD in the 60’s can be equated with the phenomenon of people in today’s era seeking new age mind altering experiences. The difference being the group from the 60’s used a substance to help their mind achieve this and today’s groups use concentration, focus, meditation, emptying of the brain of thought, and the like. Both achieve the same results.

There is something very spiritual to be said for any being who wishes to let go of the conscious mind and allow the freer mind to step forward, the subconscious mind, the subtle mind, the spiritual mind to step forward and allow it to take center stage, for, so often humans do not allow this in their waking state. And this is for good reason. The conscious mind keeps you alive. It tells you when to stop and go in traffic. It tells you when the stove is hot. It tells you when danger is near or not. And, you need it to survive and navigate through your waking days. But, when you are able to strip that away or put it to the side or release it for a little while, you are able to make a mind connection with your subtle energy field, your subtle energy mind, your true spirit essence.

Some science suggests that the over use of a substance of any kind will make the body sick. Too much ice cream will make one fat and too much LSD will make one’s mind crumble. And while this is true for the physical body, ultimately the way you treat your bodies and the substances you put into them on a regular basis while you are in physical form, have absolutely no bearing on your spirit essence. This is because your spirit always remains the same no matter what happens to you physically. You can choose to be healthy in your physical body. You can choose to be a couch potato in your physical body. If you choose to live an unhealthy lifestyle you will feel unhealthy effects and you will have physical complications that riddle your life and provide you with many stumbling blocks to living a positive, successful, healthy life. However, we wish to say that your spirit will remain the same after your physical body dies and you will have the opportunity to reincarnate and try again. So, while science tells you that too much LSD is bad for your brain, physically in this lifetime that may be true, but it does not have any bearing on your spirit.

Using a substance to help the mind relax, move to the side, dissipate for a while, however you wish to label it, is just one tool for that connection with that spirit or the subtle energy body. It is a tool among many; meditation, yoga, mindfulness practice, contemplative stillness, energy removal, energy blockage work, it all does the same thing as a substance that alters the brain waves. It allows you to enter that quiet space that is needed in order to find a connection with the subtle essence of the self.

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