Divine Lotus Healing Council of Light Channeled Message Learning to Trust Ourselves

Council of Light Channeled Message

Topic: Learning to Trust Ourselves

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Reader Question:

How can we cultivate my ability to trust ourselves? my worry about simply trusting everything is right is that, this way of engagement seems too passive and prevent me from being able to generalize my learning and to “know” that it is right (and therefore trusting myself).

Council of Light Answer:

When one is starting out on a journey of self exploration and discovering one’s true essence it is hard to know if the experiences one is having are real or made up by the person themselves. And, we wish to acknowledge that this can be difficult for somebody who is just starting out on their path of self discovery, looking inward, meditating on having spiritual experiences and the like. And, we wish to say that repetition and trust are key.

The more you meditate, the more you will have experiences. Although, we wish to point out to you that there are many different forms of meditation, so, for example, if you are practicing a form of meditation where you are emptying the mind of all thought and you are filled with a blank slate so to speak, then, that is different than meditating to have a spiritual experience.

Most spiritual experiences are not ground breaking, “ah-ha”, clearly defined, shift your life completely in another direction types of experiences. Those do occur and when they do, they are perceived as miracles or strange but true types of engagements. And, they receive a lot of attention. However, we wish to say that the vast majority of you are continuously having experiences in your daily lives with spirit and with your subtle energy bodies that are a part of your true essence. And, you do not notice because they are not ground breaking. They are not show stopping. They are not in your face with fireworks and loud bright colors.

Much of the spirit connection that you experience is very subtle. It is very light. It is very gentle. And, the rational mind is left second guessing and rationalizing away and explaining other possibilities for what just occurred. When one is meditating for example, and they are wishing to connect with a guide and they experience a smell or a color or a feeling, instead of a picture of a physical body and the person they wish to identify with, they tend to say that it was make believe; that they made it up in a yearning desire to have some kind of experience. And spirit often times does not show itself in physical human form for one reason or another. True spirit is love and light and it knows no bounds for how it manifests itself and where it goes and energetically how it moves. The human body needs to put a label around this experience to understand it. And, most often, people expect other human forms to connect with them.

Angels for example, are not people with wings. That is just a human construct for how they choose to think about what angels are. Angels are more often light and a sense of love and a sense of peace for they are energy. And, when you are in a meditative state and you ask to be connected with your angels and your archangels as your guides and you do not see a human with wings standing in front of you but you experience a deep sense of calm, or, you see a color in your mind or you feel an emotion in your heart, that is how your angels are coming to you. And, the more you meditate and the more you practice and the more you acknowledge that these kinds of experiences are happening for you and that they are real, the more you allow the space in your life to honor them in your life as being true, the easier it will become for you to connect with your subtle energy experiences you are having continuously in your life.

For people who are just starting out we highly recommend joining a group of other people who are studying, other people who are learning, other people who are growing. Practice together. And, if you feel comfortable, share your experiences together. This will provide much validation and you will find that the other people in the group are having similar experiences to you and that they begin to correlate and you will find that over time patterns emerge. You may sense a specific feeling every time you meditate. And, when you begin to trust that this feeling is from spirit or from the divine, and others in the group are experiencing the same thing you will trust that it is real.

It does not happen overnight. And, we know that many humans, by no fault of your own, are impatient and you want instant satisfaction. Most often you will not receive this. It’s like the lottery. You don’t win the jackpot the first time you play. Or, if you do, it is rare. You have to work at it. You have to practice. You have to trust. You have to honor yourself and give yourself that space to just be. For, when you do that is when spirit can come through.

Allowing yourself the space in your heart to experience this as joy, as peace, as love, as comfort will begin to slowly push the rational fear, the rational doubt, the rational nay saying that is inherently a part of your conscious state to the side. If you can learn to let that go, release it, or not acknowledge it for at least 10 minutes of meditation, then your bond, your connection will begin to strengthen and grow with the subtle side of energy and spirit and that divine-ness that people so often look for when they meditate. We wish to say that it is possible for you achieve this. You need to practice and you need to work hard. Not physically working hard at exerting yourself, but, working hard at trusting. Put all doubt to the side. There is no room for it in this process. That is what we mean by working hard. For when you do, you will see that you begin to honor the experiences you are having and they begin to feel like second nature. They become familiar. The sensations, the smells, the thoughts, the images all come forth faster with more accuracy, with more relevance and you will eventually get to a place where you trust completely and you allow them into your life in the ways that you need to help impact you with positive change and growth.

With that, we wish to say that we are the Council of Light and we wrap you in a golden blanket of light to sustain you and keep you in the week ahead. We thank you for reading our message. And, we invite those of you who have questions and who are wondering and who need help seeking answers to all of life’s questions to seek us out and ask us for guidance for we are here to help you grow, along with your spirit guides, as you move forward on your continuums of life towards enlightenment. Adieu, goodbye and Namaste until next week.

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