Divine Lotus Healing | Council of Light Channeled Message April 24 2010 Quote

Cleaning the Energy Field through Emotions

Council of Light Channeled Message through Laura West
Saturday, April 24, 2010
Time: 5:15am
Topic: Cleaning the Energy Field through Emotions

Good morning Laura. We see that it is early today for you. So for today we would like to say that we wish to talk about cleaning the energy field through emotions. It is important for human beings to treat themselves kindly as they live their daily lives. So often you are too hard on yourselves and you bring upon yourselves much stress, anxiety, and self doubt. These are all negative in many aspects because they block a person’s energy from moving forward on the continuum of learning and it is important for humans to master these emotions and keep them under control.


We are not suggesting that you never feel anger or pain or hurt or sorrow or doubt, for sometimes they are actually cautionary feelings that help you to ascertain judgment of a situation. But, on a continuous basis it is not good to feel them over and over and over again. They cloud your judgment and they put a grey layer over your true essence, your true being. And, it makes it harder for you to see the way. Thus, it is important when working on becoming a holistically healthy person to not only work on your physical body but your emotional body as well.


Emotions have been documented by scientists to cause physical health issues. And, if you can bring yourselves to a place where your stress levels are reduced most of the time then your blood pressure will be lower and you will be at less risk for heart disease. This is just one example. We recognize that not everyone’s physical and genetic makeup may follow this same path; we merely wish to illustrate a point.


Scientists have long studied those people who meditate or calm the mind, turn it off, go blank, go deep within, however you wish to call it. And, when this practice happens the body is slowing down. The rates of the physical systems that run very fast start to slow and the being becomes centered within themselves. This is something that we encourage more of you to learn how to do.


Sitting quietly and doing deep breathing is all that is needed to begin. We know that the word meditation brings up the iconic image of a monk sitting cross legged for hours and hours at a time upon a lonely hilltop suffering from cold and starvation. We do not mean to suggest that this is something that is right for every being. There are humans in the world who can sit for hours in quiet stillness and slow their bodies physical systems, their heart rates etc, down. And, they have transcendental experiences but it takes years and years of practice and advanced training to be able to do that. So, for most of you in the general public, we suggest that just sitting quietly, releasing thought from the mind, and resting your body, is all that is needed to begin gaining benefits.


As Laura reaches for her coffee this morning, we are reminded that proper diet and nutrition are important. When you consume too much drink or over indulge in too many foods that contain fat, your energy system becomes clouded with this dense energy makeup of these products. All of these things are fine in moderation but if you sustain yourselves on diets of genetically modified foods and liquor, your body will break down and it will become harder for you to meditate and tune into your inner rhythms because your inner rhythms will not be operating at a normal healthy speed.


When you tune in and go quiet, you may wish to set up ritual objects around you to help you relax. For example, sitting on a special mat on the floor or in a special chair that you only use for being still and quiet, holding a special object such as a crystal, or placing a meditation gong or bowl in front of you, putting an iconic image of something serene and calm, or a picture of a deity or statue even, in front of you; doing something to your physical environment to let your brain know that it is time to be quiet. Not going to sleep in bed, that is a different kind of quiet that we will talk about later, but, a consciously awake resting.


Some of you may find that it is helpful to listen to music or guided words to help your brains relax. We are constantly are seeing that your brains are like mental chatter ticker tapes that are continuously running with lots to say and hear and see and do and if you can learn to not turn that off, but merely put it in the background, it will help you to gain insight into how to be still.


There are support groups in your communities that help you to do this. And, it may be helpful for you to join one. For example, in the Boston area where Laura lives, there are many meditation circles, one of which she leads herself, that help people learn how to identify the signals that their bodies require to tune in to being quiet. For some of you, you may find that being outside is important, just resting, sitting on your porch, being wrapped up in nature. For some of you, you may need to go on a walking meditation. There is much guidance that can be offered to you from being in nature and observing the stillness around you.


It is important to turn off your electronic devices such as the radio, the television, the computer, the music, although we will say that some of you will need to use auditory systems in order to be guided through to a meditative state, and this is okay. But, the general technological advancements that your society uses and that you are tuned into, “plugged into,” as we say, on a 24 hour basis, is continuously stimulating the mind. And, it is not conducive to a calm and quiet, serene, peaceful environment that you are trying to train the brain to achieve. So, we ask and request humbly that you turn off your television sets and just pay attention to your inner rhythms. Listen to your breathing. Feel your pulse coursing through your body. Feel your natural rhythms of your energy flowing through all the channels in your body. One channel is receptive, on the right, going up, and one channel is expressive, on the left, going down. See if you can feel the energy going in through the right and down through the left, in through the right and down through the left.


We would like to suggest to you now that Mother Nature holds a lot of energy and is a reciprocal entity willing to give and take with you.

If you wish, you may use this meditation that we are about to share, to start helping you to relax:


Exhale from Your Day, a meditation for relaxation from the #CouncilofLight Click To Tweet


Exhale from your day. Breathe all your extra energy down through your feet and picture it entering Mother Earth through the souls of your feet. And, Mother Earth is happy to receive it for she will regenerate it and return it fresh to you in the form of clean energy. Picture this clean energy traveling up through your feet, into your ankles, through your legs, into your knees, through your thighs into your hips, into your abdomen, into your stomach area, up into your shoulders, traveling down your arms, swirling through your elbows, through your arms into your palms, up through your neck, up through your jaw, through your cheekbones, into the backs of your eyes, up through the crown of your head, and out through the top of your head.


And, as it travels out from the top of your head, it travels far, far out into the sky; the place we call Father Sky. Father Sky in turn sends down beautiful clean, clear, yellow golden light into your body so that it is reciprocally running down through the crown of your head, into the top of your forehead, into the backs of your eyes, down through your cheek bones, into your jaw, down through your neck, into your shoulders, into your arms and through your elbows, and through your forearms and into your palms of your hands, down into your chest, down into your stomach, into your lower abdomen, through your hips, down into your thighs, into your knees swirling around, down into your legs, down through your ankles and out through the bottoms of your feet, deep down, reaching down, down, down into Mother Earth.


You are now surrounded by this coursing column of light coming from Mother Earth and coming from Father Sky. Up and down, in both directions, clean and clear and fresh, wrapping you in this tube of light. It is a tunnel of sorts that you are placed inside. And your body is being purified and cleaned and filtered. All negative emotions, jealousy, anger, fear, rage, hurt, pain, sadness, they are all slowly evaporating away, their particles melting and becoming smaller and smaller, electronically magnified and releasing from your system, being drawn down into the earth to be filtered and rejuvenated. And, what is left behind is not a void, but a light space. Picture a bright white golden yellow light filing up your essence, your whole body, from the inside, expanding out from your core. As you inhale, the light becomes brighter. And as you exhale it expands through your physical cavity out through your aura and wraps you in this channel of light that is extending from Father Sky and Mother Earth into this energy tunnel, or tube.


What is left is a purified state of being, a clear and clean vibrating energy being that is You. There is nothing left behind that will slow you down or hinder you from feeling light and energetically clean. Rest in this energy feeling. Feel the warm glow of light. Feel your body vibrating slightly faster and yet still relaxed. Rest in the knowing that you are at peace and you are clean and your body is energetically running at its optimal best.


To close this meditation, begin to pull your light that is sunk down into Mother Earth, up from the depths of the earth. Pull it back in to your feet and seal the bottoms of your feet so that this light is contained within you. And now, pull the energy down from Father Sky into the crown of your head and close your crown so that you are now in a column of light that is the size of your body. Begin to pull the light in that has been surrounding your body so that it is closer to your body, about an inch away. And, know that you are walking around, and encapsulated in, this inner sanctuary of energetically clean light.


You may open your crown and your feet and send your energy out to Father Sky and Mother Earth at any time. You can do it anywhere; sitting at work in your chair, riding on a bus, driving in your car, although we don’t recommend that you do this while you are driving as it takes concentration and you need to focus on the road, however, you can do this on your lunch break, or just sitting quietly. Stretch it out to Father Sky and Mother Earth and feel the energy transfer happening. All the energy from your day that is used up or has been built up that you no longer need is being cleansed and cleaned. Energy is being transferred and once the energy transfer has been completed, close the crown and close the feet. Bring your aura back into your body. Closely wrap it around you and know that you are complete and ready to go until the next time.


So with that guidance, we wish to say that it is important for you to try and do something. Whether you use our meditative guided imagery or you use another system, whatever works for you will help you to have less stress and live longer and be healthier. You will find that your patience improves, your anger subsides. You will not be as quick to judge or to react to situations. But, you will find that you retain a calmer demeanor during times of stress. If you practice this, we do like to say daily, however we recognize that this is a daunting task for those of you who are just beginning, so we suggest that once a week is a good place to start and increasing from there will be beneficial.


And, don’t forget that you may ask us questions about the specifics of any of these topics that we discuss relating to energy. If you have any questions about meditation we are happy to answer them. Simply contact Laura and ask your question and in one of our next channeling sessions with her we will answer your questions.


So, with that we wish to say thank you for listening and paying attention today. We are the Council of Light and we wrap you in a golden blanket of light to help sustain you and keep you clean and healthy and fresh until the next time we are to see you and speak with you again. Thank you and goodbye.


om laura