Divine Lotus Healing Council of Light Channeled Message Energy Patterns and Healing

Council of Light Channeled Message through Laura West

Weekly Channeled Message, Topic: Energy Patterns and Healing

Saturday, August 7, 2010
Time: 1:44pm
Topic: Energy Patterns and Healing

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Hello Laura, now we can begin. We are here with you today. Today we would like to talk about energy patterns and healing. Energy is like water. It finds the path of least resistance as it navigates its way through the universe, through objects, around objects, through people, around people. When you think of water at the top of a building making its way down to the bottom it will find the path of least resistance. And, if this path is unaltered, the water will continue to flow in the same route, ritual, routine, over and over repeatedly for many a year.

Energy works the same way. For people, your physical bodies are made up of an energetic body. Your energetic body is a very subtle body. It takes work to tune in and feel it. Your aura expands and contracts throughout the day, reaching out to others, pulling in close to keep you safe and it picks up and feels vibrations as you go along.

What kind of vibrations you may ask? There are of course the physical vibrations one would feel, say a bus rumbling by on the street and the physical feet would feel the vibrations of the tires on the street. But we mean something different. We are talking about the vibration of thought and sound for what you say and how you say it and what you think and how often you think it have effects on your vibratory body, your being, your aura.

There are people in the world who practice chanting mantras which are daily affirmations about a certain topic over and over and over again, helping them to actualize what it is they are chanting about because they are continuously thinking about this thing and calling it into their conscious fruition. But we would like to highlight that they are speaking this repetitively over and over again and their energy body feels it and understands it and begins to assimilate itself in a way that helps to create whatever it is the person is chanting about.

You do not need to do chanting to have the same vibratory effect. We suggest to you that you have mantras of your own that you repeat on a daily, or continuous, basis subconsciously in your mind and your energy body feels that and helps to co-create what it is that you are telling yourself repeatedly. For example, someone who is less skilled in balancing his or her checkbook and has anxiety when it comes to figuring out how much money is left inside his or her bank balance will probably say something to the effect of “I am not good at managing money. I cannot do this. I don’t know how to balance my checkbook. I don’t know how to manage my money. I’m not good with money,” or any of the 10,000 possibilities relating to the fact that they do not have a positive interaction with money in their lives. With this kind of statement being thought or said to oneself over and over again, repeatedly throughout a lifetime, the energy vibrations pick up the fact that money is not good for this person and as a result the vibrations begin to block things related to money to shield and protect the person who is dealing with money. So, of course the person will continue to have issues balancing their checkbook. There will be problems with bank balances and keeping track of finances. And eventually it becomes a cycle where the person is saying they are not good at managing money and it has become a physical reality that money does not work well within their life. And, the two repetitively enforce each other.

We would like you to think now about something you think you do not do well or a misconception you hold about yourself. And we want you to write it down on a piece of paper and put it in a prominent place in your home or on your person so that you may begin to break the habit of enforcing that energy rule, that stereotype, that idea that you hold of yourself that that is continuously reinforced by the vibrational energy body. If you say for example, “I am working towards confidently balancing my checkbook. I am working on inviting money into my life, providing me with stability, well balance and prosperity,” allowing yourself the possibility of positive ness and knowing that it may not happen instantaneously but truly believing it, then good will come.

When you do this as an exercise, you will begin to slowly shift the energy vibration in your being like ripples on a pond, small subtle and gentle, slowly flowing out away from the epicenter. The new affirmation of, “I am good at balancing my checkbook” will begin to take hold in your energy body and your energy body will welcome once again and transform all interactions with checkbooks. This is how you can begin to heal your own selves.

Think about your health and the subtle messages you repeat over and over again to yourself about you health. “If only I could loose 10 pounds” or “I’m too fat to go canoeing” or “I am not a good exerciser” for example, will only continue to repeat and complicate progress in those areas in your life. Look at your medical history and your family and look at what you are telling yourself. “My father died of a heart attack when he was 50 so I’m nervous I will die too” is a way to ensure the quickening of heart disease through vibratory energy rates in your body. If however, you are to say, “My father died of a heart attack when he was 50 and I am working on living a full long strong, prosperous life” your energy body will work towards that positive ness and that healthy quality in attracting it into your energy, which will in turn, begin to co-manipulate with your physical body into a healthy state.

Scientists have measured that sound knows no bounds. When you say something it travels out away from your body, on to infinity, out into the deepest corners of space, farther than you can even imagine. Scientists have also proven that thoughts are capable of creating things. Anyone who has ever read Dr. Emoto’s studies on water and crystal manipulation will understand that it is possible to think something into changing. That very popular movie called The Secret that swept the globe a few years ago did a nice job of explaining how these thoughts turn into vibrations and grow or not grow as the case may be. Although some people say the movie focused on material items, we would like to remind you that you are able to change your lives by the way you think and what you say. We ask you to become consciously aware of the patterns you have formed about your own beings. And, if they are patterns of limitation, doubt, fear, anger, hate, self loathing or any form of dense or negative energy we suggest you try and change them so that your light body, your spirit energy, your vibrational energy, your aura may rise in vibratory frequency to a very high, pure state. And, to do this you must change your thoughts and words. If everyone on the earth were aware of this kind of topic there would be no need to incarnate on the earth plane to learn lessons because you would be able to manipulate energy to its purest forms while you were in a spirit body only. And we see and recognize that it takes a tremendous amount of time, energy and effort on your part to commit to changing the subconscious mantras you have been saying to yourselves your whole lives. It is much easier for some people to point our their own faults and critique and criticize themselves than it is to highlight what it is that is wonderful, good and lovely about themselves. But, we say it is possible for you.

The energy body in its natural state is light, buoyant and vibrating in a high resonancy or frequency. Babies born in human form, or any animal baby for that matter, are pure vibration. They know not in their first moments of life suffering or negativity. They have an innocence to them that brings joy to the hearts of others. And, quite soon, after being born they begin to sense during childhood what they can and cannot do. For some of them growing up this is not a hindrances but for others, negative mantras begin to take place. We see that your whole lifetimes are filled with these minute understandings of yourselves and that they are the basis for most of the large actions in your lives whether you are conscious of this or not. And, we would like to say that if you became conscious of your thoughts running like a ticker tape through your head, more than half the time you would become a brighter higher energy frequency being and this what enlightenment is all about. Rising up to the highest levels of vibrational being. So bright and pure and clean that no thought, no statement, no fragment, no voice, no sentence, no action can penetrate your being.

So, thank you Laura for your time today. We see that this is a complex idea to wrap your head around as human forms and we wish to give you the space needed to process this. We will touch upon this again, gladly, should you have questions. Contact us through our human guide Laura and we will answer them.

Thank you for this week and we will see you again next time. Namaste and goodbye for we are the Council of Light and we present you with a golden blanket of light to wrap around your shoulders to sustain you and keep you throughout the week ahead. Goodbye.

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