Divine Lotus Healing Council of Light Channeled Message Relationship Between Emotions and People

Council of Light Channeled Message through Laura West

Channeled Message: The Relationship Between Emotions and People

Sunday, August 1, 2010
Topic: The Relationship Between Emotions and People

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Good morning Laura. We are glad you are here. Today we would like to discuss energy of course and the relationship it serves between people. Energy can be felt you see. Anyone who has ever had any form of energy manipulation sessions, therapeutically or for relaxation, such as reiki, will know that energy can be hot, warm, cool, cold, tingly, prickly, zappy-y, it can buzz when it moves around through the body.

So, energy can also be felt in the heart center, between people. When you are standing next to someone and you get a feeling or a sensation of love coming from them or unrest or discomfort, any feeling at all, emotionally resonating in your heart center, this is the energy that we refer to. And, we would like to say that without the ability to feel this transfer of energy between people your time on the earth plane would be harder as humans. It is all well and good to have cognitive functioning abilities and rational minds that are analytical and which help you navigate through the tasks in your day but the feelings you feel, it is the feelings that you feel throughout your day, which teach you your life lessons. For, you could do a repetitive task for example at work over and over and over, lets say stapling packets of information together for your boss, but unless you have some kind of emotional reaction to doing this task you will not learn on an integrated level anything about its importance. Cognitively you might understand the way that it works, but, until you eternalize it emotionally, it holds no deeper meaning for you.

We would also like to say that we come to you in the form of voice through Laura and it is quite easy for all of you to contact us and your own personal spirit guides at any time. This is a highly emotional connection to be made. Why is it that you feel the feelings that you feel? To help you learn of course. Why is it that you have a hard time integrating lessons and you feel the same feelings over and over and over? Because the human physical makeup takes a long time to integrate life lessons in accordance with emotions. For some, it is easier than others.

Side note: My mind kept wandering during this first part of the channel session. I kept pausing and pulling my mind back to the session. It was a hard connection for me for some reason for these first 11 minutes of the session. So the Council of Light reframed the message a bit:

Laura, we would like to start over with you and say that our message will begin from the beginning because your mind is wandering. So from here our true message begins.

In order for humans to understand life lessons they need to experience emotions and feelings in order to integrate experience and make meaning in their lives. If you were to participate in repetitive tasks at work such as stapling packets together full of information for your boss, without having any kind of feeling about either the information inside the packets or your having to complete the task, it would be an empty gesture without meaning and it would hold no significant meaning for you in your life.

Have you ever noticed that the tasks which you do complete on a daily basis that are part of your normal routine tend to go on an autopilot, such as brushing your teeth for example, or for many of you, fixing your child’s lunch. You have learned to complete these tasks in an efficient time frame so that you complete them without much mental effort or thought. And, as a result, you are not as emotionally connected to the tasks. There’s nothing wrong with not being emotionally connected but if you were to become mindful as some of the Buddhist meditators, one such as Thich Nhat Hanh say, you would begin to appreciate your daily life in a new way.

Emotions are felt in several places throughout the body, one major center being the heart center. Another that many people forget about is the will power and control center. Speaking in terms of your energy centers in your body, or your chakras, this power and control center would be your third chakra, just above your navel, full of yellow energy. Yellow, why? We don’t really know and we will not go into it at this time. But, this center sends and receives emotional signals all the time. When someone is standing on a lecture podium and they are speaking to an audience and there is a connection being made between them and the audience, it is occurring between these will centers. They are asking for your attention by sending out their will power and holding onto yours. And, you are reciprocating by sending out your will power and attaching to theirs so that you may give them your undivided attention.

Emotions can be felt subconsciously and it is up to each individual human whether they wish to acknowledge them or not. Emotions are a signal for different energy currents that run throughout the body. Sadness is a signal for heavy dense energy that suppresses and weights you down. Anger is a signal for hot prickly energy that riles you up, almost like the hackles on the back of a dog when they are standing on end. Love is a cooling, sometimes hot, but smooth and serene energy. It can be equated with that sense. And happiness can be equated with bright, buoyant, fluttering energy.

All these different forms of energy are healthy to experience in moderation. Where humans become stuck is when they experience only one and one only and they cannot get out of experiencing just that one, even the so called positive healthy energies such as love and happiness. For, sadness, grief and anger teach and people have things to learn from those emotions. Thus, it is healthy to experience them throughout one’s lifetime. It becomes harder to integrate their lessons and learn from them if a human gets stuck in a track where all they are focused on is anger or depression or grief or sadness. And, we say to you that we recognize in Western medicine that people are able to alter brain chemistry with pills and medications from doctors in order to not feel these feelings all the time. Yet, we are clear when we say it is possible to jump out of these one track emotions physically and mentally without the aid of drugs or medication. It is all about how the mind perceives the experience. And, with training and guidance from a master teacher, the mind can shift its perspective and new emotions can be experienced.  We recognize that it is easier for humans to take a pill that helps do this for them and thus, we see that prescriptions and pill taking are on the rise.

If it were not for emotions, experiences and routines would be empty hollow rituals. Emotions are the teachers that help you integrate and learn lessons throughout your lives. It is important to pay attention to them and to listen to what they have to say to you. Not the heat of the emotion but the underlying message behind the initial feeling. Repetitive anger has something to say to you deep under its initial burst of heat. And, it is worth exploring why you continuously become angry. When is it that the anger surfaces? What are you reacting to that causes anger to rise? Why is it anger that is presenting itself? There is a lesson there for you to learn and until you unmask it, uncover it, expose it, see it at its core essence; you will continue to suffer these patterns of anger. And, for some of you will do this for your entire lives. And we say, as we do always, that this is okay. There is no timeline, or right or wrong, for when you are to accomplish these understandings.

Humans are given the gift of reincarnation so that you may learn in each lifetime. And, we see that it takes eons for most of you, many of you, to complete your cycles of knowledge. It is possible to have rapid expansion of knowledge and growth and to understand emotion systems. And there are those beings which have mastered all of this understanding. They are the enlightened ones, the ascended masters, starry energy beings who were once incarnated on earth. And, they are here to support you in your learning. Some of them reside in this Council of Light. Some of them have jobs elsewhere working with other groups of people to help humanity clarify its role on the earth plane, offering guidance and assistance for those who seek it on a higher spiritual order. And, by higher we do not mean better. We simply mean a more enlightened form of energy awareness.

That which is to be believed is to be experienced. And, we encourage you readers of our message to invite these guides into your lives. Start with a meditation and when you are sitting quietly ask for guidance to come to you and see which form it takes. Are you receiving pictures? Are you hearing words? Are you understanding sentences? Are you seeing things written in front of your closed eyes? Are you sensing and knowing new ideas and concepts, for these are how guides come to you. And we wish to say that of course it is all okay, whatever way it comes through to you.

The ability to hear guided messages takes practice and trust and love and work and a commitment and honoring on your part as a human. And we are here with you always waiting, watching, hoping for connection, and gently helping humanity along. Should you have questions on how to connect, ask us directly here through our channel, Laura West, and we will be happy to answer them.

Namaste and goodbye for today for we are the Council of Light and we wrap you in a golden blanket of light to sustain you and keep you in the week ahead so that you may go fourth with beauty, bounty, harmony and love. And, we will return to you again next week. Good bye.

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