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Reader Question Answered: How To Activate Your DNA

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Greetings to the Council of Light and you Laura:
How can I Facilitate the full activation of my dormant strands of DNA. Please be very specific. I know you can read my energy.
Thank you and my Love To You


Greetings to you Mahmoud. We see that you are interested in a complex yet simple matter. Every human has the ability to tune into their own spiral strands of what you call in the human world, DNA. And we, as light being souls, see that it is sometimes beneficial and sometimes necessary for humans to unravel these strands. For some of you this will enable you to gain enlightenment. It will unlock and reveal “secrets” to you about the genetic of the human race. And for those of you who are actively seeking to do this for your own bodies, such as our friend Mahmoud here, we see that for you there is an underlying motive that is beneficial for you to do so. Not all humans are called or feel the desire to open these strands or experience them intimately.  Those of you who do are working with a higher plane of consciousness. It is neither right nor is it wrong for you to work on this task or for you to leave it alone completely. Each being, individually has the job, a task, a goal, and some of you have the job of doing nothing in this lifetime.

So, for you Mahmoud, we say you have a very specific task during this lifetime that you have awakened to. You realize on some level in your being that it is beneficial for you to work with your energy sequence in this way. You are a gifted visualizer. When you sit down in prayer or quiet solitude or meditation, however you wish to label it; you are able to see pictures in your mind. This comes quite easily to you and we suggest that you begin taking time, specifically set, for working with your strands. Visualize the hedera helix rotating in your core. Visualize it unwrapping, unrolling, unfurling. And, ask for the information that becomes open and available to go wherever it is most needed in your energy field.  Some of it will need to go to your mental capacity. Some of it will need to go to your emotional body. Some will need to go to your physical body. Some will even need to go to your etheric body. You don’t necessarily need to know or understand where each part is going. But we will say that over time you will feel a difference. Your being will feel lighter. You will see the world with brighter colors. You will understand social interaction with others in a higher loving vibratory way. And we also suggest that you call upon us specifically; the guides, the light beings, the energy bodies that work with humanity to come and support you so that we may assist in the unfurling energy process.

You will succeed. It will not be a quick and easy road for you. You will not sit down and meditate and on your first go unlock all the secrets there are to know about your own DNA. This is a process that will happen over time. We are talking to you about years. We say this clearly to you because although humans do have the ability to unlock everything all at once, this would not be beneficial for you at this time. You need to have certain aspects of your DNA unlocked and open to you in a sequence that is energetically specific and it needs to be done in layers so that there is a gradual buildup of understanding on your part. We see that you are eager to know all information now and for your being, if this were to happen, it would actually be detrimental to your energy. It would be like an overload to a motherboard in a computer and you would fry out. Thus, we are telling you clearly, you shall receive information from your unlocking in parts. And, we are excited for you. We are happy for you. And we will, however you wish to call us; by deities, by religious figures, by light beings, by guides, be along for the ride. Namaste and welcome to your journey.

Blessings. Namaste. Thank you for your questions today. Thank you to Laura for allowing us to come through in this way. We wrap you in a golden blanket of light to sustain you and keep you in the weeks ahead. For, we are the Council of Light and we leave you with bright blessings of joy and love of the highest and purest vibration, piercing each one of your heart centers and filling you with clean energy to sustain you as you move forward. Adieu, goodbye for now. Namaste.


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