The Nature of Thinking Channeled Message

Council of Light March 2012 Channeled Message via Laura West.


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Good day to you Laura. We are glad you are here. Today we would like to speak about the nature of thinking. For you see, when a human thinks good thoughts, they live their life very happily. When a human thinks not good thoughts they bring strife, pain and dis-harmony. Science has shown you as humans the power of positive thinking. And, we here in spirit form say that this rings true. Your brain chemistry changes. More parts of your brains turn on, light up, and become used when you exhibit positive attitudes, positive mental thoughts, positive ways of being.

We would like to say to you now that it is not magic or hocus-pocus or far out touchy feely language or concept that we speak of. For, when your brain creates happiness for your being you intern send out waves of happiness to the environment around you, thus creating a more harmonized, energized vibratorally clear state of being. For the brain that thinks sad thoughts, depressed thoughts, confused or muddled thoughts it can feel for the body like you are walking through a thick fog and like your being has trouble navigating every day life; like a dark cloud hangs over your head. Your doctors call this depression.

If you are able to find a small joy, a simple joy, a tiny joy, a spark of joy, just once in your day that brings your heart gladness and not sadness then you will begin to create around you a wall of happiness. The more often the brain thinks of things in terms of a positive way, the more this happiness is energetically created around you. There are people who seem to view the world as through the lens of the glass is always half full even in times of concern or danger or strife. They are able to find the good in it all. These are the people who have mastered looking at the bright side of life. And it can be done by all.

Try this exercise for the next week ahead:

Every time you are angry or upset or sad, pause and breathe deeply. And, find within yourself that either makes you feel joy or something about the situation at hand that you can turn positively in your mind. For example, those beings called humans in your life that cause you pain may bring you suffering and dis-ease and dis-harmony and you can become very engaged in the negative aspects of energy that they bring into your lives. Or, you can choose to view their troublesome action as a teaching tool, a growing lesson, a stepping stone for you from which to learn. Negativity presents itself in your life as a pattern for learning and overcoming the strife. And, once you have mastered the lesson of the negative triggers that cause you to feel badly the negativity holds no power in your life and in your energy field any more.

This is a mental exercise. The mind is full of schemas and mantras that it repeats over and over and over to itself. And, you must become aware of the thoughts that you think, the patterns of behavior that you have. We do not suggest that you look at your broad overarching life. Take one aspect, take one strife and work with that to begin. Something small we suggest. Look at the pain you are being caused, the negativity you are suffering. And, ask yourself to analyze why this is so. If you find that it is because of another, then see what you can do in your mental shift to remove that other’s actions from affecting you in a negative way. Keep yourself clear, free, strong, in the light, all day long.

Picture the light of loving source coming from above, filtering through you ridding the body of toxins or negativity. Feel it flowing from head to toes and out through the feet. Do this as often as you can. And in its place you will find beauty, peace, joy, a light heartedness. Change the mantra in your mind that says, “She is an awful person,” to “She is teaching me how to remain centered and calm in my life.”

If you have job woes and you are not happy with where you go to work each day: view it as a tool to learn patience. And, once you have mastered the patience of going each day new opportunities will come your way. The more you focus on hating your job the more you will stay stuck and rooted in the problems that are created. And, your job will not change, move forward, get better for your energy body will be continually focused on the pain, the hardship, the negativity and this is what will be bred day in and day out.

If on your drive or commute to work during the day you dread going, speak to yourself from a place of knowing that you have an opportunity to change your mindset. Find one good thing and look forward to experiencing that through out the day. Notice the hardships and then say, “These hardships are teaching me lessons. I am learning to grow. My mind is changing, this I know.” And, begin to view the negativity from a place of light anew.

So often humans focus on negativity because it is a strong feeling. You sense it emotionally. You feel it physically. It is like a welling up, an ebbing, a wave of hotness, fire, anger and yet it is ten times harder to remove from the energy body than love and light and peace and joy.

Think of love. Ask for compassion to enter your heart. Ask for your higher selves to help you start finding the beauty and the wonder, the small joys each day in your mind. And, this we say will help lead you to a path of peace. A mental exercise that runs so deep. This is all we have to say on this matter for today. We will expound upon it once again in the future and take it up for further discussion.


For now we wish to say we are the Council of Light. We wrap you in a golden blanket of light to sustain you and keep you in the weeks ahead offering you loving source guidance, blessings from above. God-source energy resides all around you in a space of love. Blessings, adieu, and Namaste.

om laura