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How Laura West Began Channeling the Council of Light

My lifelong spiritual practice took an interesting turn when in 2009 I spontaneously began channeling messages from various light beings during private sessions for clients. In early 2010, I began channeling a divine group of light beings who call themselves the Council of Light. They have explained that they have messages and wisdom to share with humanity and they chose me to be their microphone.

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They came to me one weekend morning as I was making coffee. I was overwhelmed with the sudden urge to “let spirit speak through me.” I took my digital voice recorder into my home office and sat down for what seemed like minutes but in reality was half an hour. I was totally unaware of what was said or who spoke the words. Only after listening back to the recording did I become acquainted with the Council of Light. I had never heard of them before so this was quite a surprise!

I had been attending regular Psychic & Spiritual Development classes, now I teach the very same classes, and was using these books to help me open my psychic senses, and I still treasure them to this day. You might want to try them too (affiliate link policy):


After this initial introduction, I began by channeling weekly messages, transcribing them and posting them on my blog. This process was tedious because I had to listen back to 30 minute messages and type them line by line. I channeled weekly this way through December 2010. The frequency of the channeling then changed to a monthly format and the Council of Light briefly took questions from the public at large.


In late 2012, I moved the monthly message format from reading on the blog to listening via podcast. (No more transcribing!) If you would like to listen to the free public message from the Council of Light each month you can sign up for my email alerts.


The Council of Light also give private messages to folks during Spiritual Counseling sessions.

If you’d like to experience the Council of Light’s wisdom personally, please be in touch to book a session.


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