Spiritual Counseling

A Spiritual Counseling Session is Part Life Coaching, Part Spiritual Guidance

Who Benefits from a Spiritual Counseling Session?

In a word – YOU!  A spiritual counseling session will provide you with insight which can help you make clearer choices and better decisions around issues with which you may be struggling in your life. This type of session is along the lines of a traditional psychic medium reading, yet it goes so much deeper into insight – due to the spiritual presence that channels through Laura as guidance.

This session is for anyone seeking answers to big life issues, such as:

*career changes

*relationship changes

*your soul’s path and purpose in this life

*finding authentic joy

*grieving or loss

*psychic opening

*transformation or major shifting in your life

*letting go of the past

*healing karmic clutter

*life / business coaching

*communicating with crossed over loved ones

*…and so much more!


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First Time Clients

Please read our policies in full HERE before you schedule your first session.

Please fill out the required digital First Time Client Intake Form when booking your session.

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What to Expect During a Spiritual Counseling Session

By asking clear, specific questions you set the tone and target of the work we will do together. For video sessions, I use Zoom video conferencing, which you can download for free onto your computer, tablet or smartphone. I will send you the video call link after you book your session. For in office sessions, you and I will sit across from each other in comfortable chairs. I will tune into your energy field and bring forward a group of very high vibrational energy beings, who call themselves the Council of Light. They will channel a personal message through me to you. Additionally, other spiritual guidance from your loved ones in spirit form may also come through, as well as any spiritual guides you may have in your personal life. Reiki is also a component of many spiritual counseling sessions (in office only) as it helps to release, shift and unblock stuck energy.

doTERRA essential oils are offered as a complimentary bonus during sessions for clients to enjoy. (in office only)

If you choose, you may bring your own recording device to the session.

Tips for a Good Session

Intention is everything. Before your session begins, understand that the clearer you can be about the things you want to work on, the more specific the guidance will be in return.

Be open to the process. Honor whatever guidance comes through during your session.

Relax and have fun! Enjoy the process. Let what unfolds for you unfold naturally. Go with the flow of the session and you will be surprised at how much more you get out of it than you thought you would!

Free Channeled Messages

As a free service, and a way to show gratitude for my work with the Council of Light, I offer a once monthly free channeled message to the public at large. Podcasts can be heard here on my blog.

What Clients Are Saying

The most amazing experience, wisdom and vision from Laura. Words can’t express my gratitude for her gift to the world.


My session with Laura West was truly unlike any other I have had. From the moment I walked in the door, I felt like I had entered a sacred space that had been thoughtfully prepared specifically for my visit. The messages from spirit, from my guides and Laura’s guides came flowing out of her with such eloquence, grace, insight and compassion for the entirety of the session. My session with Laura was profoundly healing as well as validating and inspiring. I received answers to pressing questions along with clarity on choices I was previously hesitant to make. In addition, I felt blessed with a feeling of overwhelming love and support from spirit. I cannot recommend Laura West highly enough. She is a pure and clear channel who offers a beautiful space for wisdom, healing, clarity and true transformation to occur.


Laura’s psychic guidance is always insightful and meaningful. She often gives me messages from my mother, and I am left feeling loved like when I was a child. When I work with Laura, I know that I am tapping into deep yet subtle energies, making a profound connection with Spirit.


Laura, Thanks for your help and insight! What you discovered was VERY accurate. Even kind of what I felt, but this was the needed extra added clarity I was hoping to find. I wish to say much more and express a greater thanks that I don’t think can be encompassed in an email, but again, your help was very beneficial to me & very much appreciated!


Thank you very much for another glorious session, Laura! So grateful for your energy and your crystal clear connection. Thank you so much for doing all of the work to rise so high and to be such a clear channel. It transforms so many of our lives!  Perpetual gratitude and blessings.


Having a session with you Laura was like talking to my higher self. It was very relaxing and deeply moving. All the information that came through had such strong love. It was like I was talking to myself in a mirror.


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