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Psychic Development Class


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Psychic Development Class

Learn how to develop and expand your own intuition, psychic skills and message giving capacity. In this small group format, we will also practice different forms of meditation to help us remain centered, balanced and tuned in to our higher selves. No experience is required. Beginner to expert – all are welcome!

This class is held monthly. Payment in the DLH online shop registers you for class. Sorry, walk-ins NOT accepted. There are only 10 spots available each month. When they are all purchased for a particular date, the class that month is full. First come, first serve registration. NO REFUNDS or EXCHANGES can be made for classes at this time.


4:00pm – 6:00pm

Class Dates

2017: September 23, October 21, November 18, December 16

2018: January 20, February 17, March 24, April 7, May 19, June 16, July 21, August 18

First Time Class Participants

Please read our policies in full HERE before you attend your first class.

Please fill out the required digital First Time Client Intake form HERE before your first session or class. This will ensure your spot is reserved.

Tips for a Productive Class

1. Class begins promptly at 4:00pm. I am not able to open the door to receive class participants after 4:00 so as not to interrupt the energy flow being created. Please arrive on time.

2. Bring a water bottle. You may become thirsty while experiencing the energy flow throughout class. Keep it covered to prevent spills.

3. Bring a pad of paper and writing utensil to “hold” your thoughts- helpful for visual learners or those who practice automatic writing.

4. Bring a back supporting pillow or brace if you have a sensitive back.

Ground Rules & Ethics for Psychic & Spiritual Development Class

1. This is a sacred space. We are all coming here to connect with our heart centers and universal spirit. Remember to speak softly. It is important to find our quiet center within ourselves before class begins so we can communicate from that center for the duration of the class.

2.We are here to honor the safe space we are creating for each other. By being highly reverent, conscious of our language and the way we communicate, everyone can feel safe to open, give and receive. We are not communicating from our personality selves (i.e.: in a casual conversation with our friends); we are communicating from our Higher Selves. Use “I” statements such as, “I see, I feel, I sense, etc.” rather than, “You are, You will, You should, etc.”

3.Message giving and receiving only happens once the circle is open. It does not happen before the circle is open or after the circle is closed. We are more receptive to giving and receiving messages from spirit when we have made a choice to enter the sacred space of the spiritual and psychic circle. It can be hurtful or even harmful to receive a message when we have not chosen to receive one, are not in a designated sacred space or have not asked for the message to be delivered. In addition, as message givers, we want to make sure we are only channeling messages from within the sacred space where we are centered in our higher selves and in the highest and best in spirit.

4.Privacy is essential. Everything that is spoken here in the circle stays in the circle.

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Psychic Development Day Long Seminar

Join us for a day long immersion seminar to learn all the tools, tips, meditations and practices that ensure centeredness, protection and balance as you work in the psychic realm.

Class date: TBD

Class time: 10am – 5pm

Cost: $250

Registration, payment and more details to follow.

What Class Participants are Saying

I love coming to psychic development class. Since I started, I’ve become more open with my meditations and learning to trust what comes through.
KP, Jamaica Plain, MA
I really enjoy the feeling of coming into my higher self and I get that when I come to class. Everyone’s open and welcoming. Very high vibration! I love this group. After returning to the class from almost a year long hiatus my life has already shifted toward one with much more alignment and happiness! I forgot some things I loved and have since brought them back into my life. Laura and Maura are very gifted and set an amazing space where very beautiful things happen each week. I am so appreciative of their efforts and intentions.
EA, Cambridge, MA
While it was a bit awkward at first, because it was my first time attending, you made the experience so comfortable and warm. I definitely plan on attending other sessions once vacations and other commitments are past.
KG, Lexington, MA

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