Its Go Time Channeled Message Divine Lotus Healing

It’s Go Time

Council of Light & Light Brigade Channeled Message

I had the pleasure of channeling the Council of Light and a new group, the Light Brigade, while I was in between clients at my holistic healing office. They say it’s time for us to step up to the plate. No more excuses. No more negative talk. (Subconscious or out loud.)

The #CouncilofLight & the #LightBrigade have a new #channeledmessage for us all: We must rise to the occasion of being our great, wonderful, light filled, positive, successful, happy selves. It's go time. Click To Tweet

Listen to their message in the video below:

Want to hear more from the Council of Light and Light Brigade? There are over 100 channeled messages in the archives!

Thoughts? Chime in with a comment below. What are you going to do to step up?

om laura