Divine Lotus Healing Council of Light Channeled Message What is Time

Council of Light Channeled Message through Laura West

Weekly Channeled Message: What is Time?
Sunday, August 15, 2010
Time: 10:57am
Topic: What is Time?

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*Of Note: This channeling session took place in my new office, in my new “channel chair” as I call it, for the first time. Interestingly, there were several outside noises and distractions throughout the session which distracted me mentally, which is unusual since I’m able to drop in pretty fully. The Council refers to this at the end of the channeled message. Now, on to today’s material…

Good day to you Laura. We see that you are here and ready to begin and so shall we. We would like to talk to you today about the constructs of time. For, there is both time and no time in your continuum. What do we mean by this? How can there be both time and no time at the same moment?

Time is something that is measured by humans to keep track of your comings and goings, your daily tasks, your light periods and your dark periods. It is a way to measure the constructs of what you do during your day. However, at the same moment there is no time in space. Everything is operating in a parallel universe. All energy is flowing towards the same nothing-ness and towards the same everything-ness, all at the same moment, all with the same force, all with the same drive and determination. It is everywhere. It is nowhere. It is all places at once.

The energetic plane that we come from as the Council of Light to speak to you on the earthly plane has a different understanding of the concept of time. We see your millennia in the blink of an eye. People like Buddha and Jesus walked the earth just yesterday. And, they are currently walking the earth now, from our point of view. They are also in spirit form and as we have said many times before, helping to connect you to your higher selves and your life purposes.

Your physical bodies grow older as a way to mark your lessons you are learning on your karmic path. You incarnate into tiny baby bodies and your physical-ness learns how to mechanically operate itself and it grows and it functions at its peak and optimal health and then it begins to deteriorate and slow down. Like a bell curve, on a psychology chart; flat lining at first, rising slowly, curving over the top, falling gently, and flat lining once more. In the flat line stages this is not to say that you do not exist, for you do. In reality, in actuality, your spirit essence is always in existence, your soul form. And what you do, what you choose to do, what paths you take in your lifetime in human bodily form, all help you to learn those lessons that we so often refer to as karmic lessons towards enlightenment.

Eons and eons and eons on the earth plane can go by with you repeating bodily incarnations and from where we sit and view the process, it is all happening continuously, simultaneously, all at once, in the blink of an eye, as well as stretched out for eternity and infinity.

We see that many of you will have a hard time understanding this concept so we shall frame it for you in this way: Have you ever been doing a task where it feels like it occurred within seconds or minutes and you discover that hours have gone by? Time continues without stopping or starting. It is a concept in a vacuum. There is no time, there is all time. It lasts forever and yet it does not exist. We want you to see that it does not matter really how much time has passed via the clock hours but it is what you do within that construct, that frame that is important. If you spend your state of being sitting on the couch like a couch potato, and doing not much of anything, you will not learn the lessons you need to learn to incarnate on a higher level in your next lifetime. And, this is okay, we do not judge from the place that we come from. Yet, the more you learn and grow and move along your path, your learning continuum, the easier it is for you to get closer to enlightenment.

You as humans have the ability to become enlightened in an instant, in the blink of an eye. Your egos and your rational mind and your brain functionality get in the way for most of you and prevent you from doing this. The mind is full of doubt and it helps to anchor you and keep you weighted down. It is not bad; it is just what it does. This is the role that it plays. So, with that said, we wish to remind you that those of you who choose to fill your lives with production, productive tasks, engaged learning, growth and understanding, lessons learned and accomplished, tasks completed, will move farther towards that enlightenment stage faster. We do not mean to suggest that you should strive to always be on the go and always be dominating your field and always be the best in your craft. These things are successful but we see that many humans get stuck in the trappings of feeling power and control, feeling popular, making money, and managing wealth. This is all NOT what we are referring to. It is important to hold experiences in your life that will bring you closer to the end result but it is also important for you to stop and reflect and meditate and give your mind the quiet space it needs to rest and contemplate, to mull over the lessons you have learned and process their meanings to be incorporated into your whole being.

We wish to remind you that it’s not all about making money. It’s not all about fame and popularity. It’s not all about having the most people listening to your words. It is about your inward reflections, you inward journey and your inward self. And, time is irrelevant to this whole process. You can learn rather quickly, you can take eons. It does not matter. For, the point is not to arrive at the end of your journey but to understand the experience you are having along the way. This is partly why we offer you these public messages of counseling talking about the greater good, the bigger picture, the processes in life that are not innately understood by humans. For, our job as spirit helpers of the earth is to help you all move along on your paths each individually.

As we have said before, some of us who make up the Council of Light are individual spirit helpers to you, some of you specifically as readers, some specifically as through our channel Laura. Some we work with both groups. We are ascended masters. We are angels. We are arch angels. And we are here to help you.

So, very simply, we would like you to know that time is irrelevant in the way you know it in human form. It can take eons and lifetimes or the blink of an eye for you to understand and master something. It does not matter how long but how clearly you understand.

As another example of what we keep referring to, Laura here sometimes we note, feels like these channeling sessions she holds once a week, have been happening for eons. In her reality, in her waking physical life, it has been months not decades. And from our perspective we are always continuously here working so it feels like it is always the now, it is always the present moment. Which of course, it is! And, we do not have that same sense of longevity that she carries within her about this process of channeling.

Please send us your questions about this process, about this concept of what you call time. We would like to help answer your queries further and in more detail so that you may clearly understand this concept. It is easier to navigate through life once you do understand. So, we think that is all for today. It is a short message and we recognize that Laura is doing her channel work today in a new energy space, in a new physical location and that the connection is not as strong as has been formally established and we see that it will take a few sessions sitting in this new place to build up the energy column that is needed to fully integrate into our message. She did well for there was much distraction around her but it was a trying session for her so we will end here by saying adieu and goodbye. For, we are the Council of Light and we wish you peace and blessings as we wrap you in a golden blanket of light to help sustain you and keep you in the week ahead. Namaste and goodbye.

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