Divine Lotus Healing Council of Light Channeled Message Spirit Guides and Third Eye

Council of Light Channeled Message through Laura West

Channeled Message on How to Connect with Spirit Guides
Sunday, May 02, 2010
Time: 7:35am
Topic: Connecting with Spirit Guides and Opening the Third Eye

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Note: This channeled session was precluded by the question sent in earlier in the week: “What can we do ourselves to open our third eye and so be able to psychically see that we may be able to follow the guidance of our spirit guides with clarity?”

Here is the channeled response (and it is worth noting that the Council of Light thinks it is a question that readers at large can take to heart):

Good morning Laura. We are glad you are here. The question that you posed today is a good one. We wish to say that energy is the makeup of the whole universe and that human beings vibrate at different rates of frequency so that some are vibrating faster than others. We do not mean to imply that faster is better. It simply is just different.

So for those who vibrate faster, or at a higher rate of frequency, they are able to connect with their higher beings, their higher selves. Their third eye center is open. And, they can discern messages from guides in an easier manner. For people who are attempting to get there to that place of vibratory frequency, they are learning how to do so. The person who questioned how this process works is on the path of discovery and they have a ways to go. But, they should not be discouraged from this distance to travel because the whole process is a learning experience and can be fun and enjoyable if they learn to recognize the small joys and small openings that occur for them.

Meditation is key to being able to open the third eye center. With regular meditative practice a person is able to open the third eye center to connect with higher beings. When a person learns to open and clear and clean their psychic energy center in their forehead, they are able to connect at will with a higher energy source. By higher we do not mean better, we simply mean energy that is farther along the learning continuum and is vibrating at a faster frequency and can come to the earth plane and help humanity to grow and evolve and change.

The psychic center can be thought of as a cup or a well. And it must be cleared out for this awareness to be able to occur. If one needs to picture objects they can picture it filled with old physical items of the nature of “junk materials” so to speak or they can picture it in being filled up with water. And, these things need to be removed so that it is an empty vessel. Each time a person meditates they are working on this removal of stuff, or old energy that is blocking the center. Reiki and polarity work can also help to remove the energy that is blocking the center. And, it is worth noting that a being does not have to be completely 100% clear to start hearing and feeling the effects of the guidance they are seeking.

So, the person who has asked this question should be paying attention to small idiosyncrasies in their daily life because these are all tendencies towards awareness of a higher source of being in their life. We would like to remind this person to pay attention to these small connections; the bird who flies in front of them at close range, the telephone call from a friend who they are thinking about suddenly, the dreams they have in the night that are memorable and intense and prophetic in the morning. All of these kinds of synchronicities are taking place due to an opening of the third eye psychic center. And they (the person) are doing a good job with their opening process.

It is worth noting that they do not feel like they are moving at a fast pace but rest assured that the opening is subtle and it is taking place simply by them asking for it to occur. There is no room for doubt in this process. When doubt occurs, it stops the ball rolling forward.

It is hard for a human not to doubt, we see this. And, this is why it is beneficial and key for humans to participate in social groups that are working on this kind of goal together. Not so that they become part of a crowd, but so that they can have their experiences validated by others who are familiar with what to look for. It is important to begin to understand and see and trust the signals and signs that are being sent to you during the psychic process and a teacher or guidance giver can help to point this out. We do not wish to highlight the teacher or guidance giver as prophetic in nature because they are not in that role and should not be looked upon as the expert. Yes, they may further be along the path of opening. But, they are just as much the journey as a beginner who is just starting out and there is a humility there that should be honored on all parts.

So, getting back to this person’s question, we say to you specifically, meditate. Guide your psychic center to be more open. Trust that it is opening and know that you are doing a good job of this work in opening it. We are here with you to support you and guide you and we see that you are doing a good job of working at the process. You doubt yourself sometimes and while this is natural, we say that you need to curtail this as much as possible because it is a stumbling block in your road of development.

You are a great being and deserving of all the goodness coming your way. Trust and know that you are on the right path, and that your opening is occurring. It is small in nature and subtle in experience and you will not be receiving a “big bang ah-ha” moment but several small hurtles will be jumped propelling you farther along the continuum of learning. And, you need to honor and trust and recognize when they happen.

Thank you for taking this so seriously. And, we honor you and your work. We would like to say that we see you working hard and we hear your requests for help and you have been receiving it the whole time. Just be gentle with yourself and the inklings of understanding that you have are worth tuning into because they are the way for you to help yourself open and understand and grow and we wish you so many blessings.

We are the Council of Light and we say adieu until we meet again with you (readers at large) next time. And, we encourage you all to post questions to us and we will respond back to you next time. Thank you and we wrap you in a golden blanket of light to sustain you and keep you. Goodbye.

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