Council of Light Channeled Message Goal Setting

Council of Light Channeled Message

Topic: Goal Setting

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Greetings everyone!

This month’s message is simple and to the point. Stop running so fast in your life and take a moment to assess. Set some new goals for yourself. The Council of Light give us simple, helpful steps to do so, along with visualization as part of the technique.

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Greetings Laura, we are glad you are here. It is so nice to draw ever so near. And to those of you who are listening from home we say welcome to you as well.

We would like you to pause in your lives at this time. We would like you to recalibrate, take stock, assess goals and the like. It is time for you to stop running on the hamster wheel of your lives and assess, “Am I reaching my desired heart’s goal?” If yes, good job. Continue with what you are doing to reach that goal.

If no, ask yourself what is needed to get there and do it so. We invite you into this moment, this particular time, to bring awareness of action into your lives. For, the time is now and the time is right; all the divine energies are lined up ever so, just right to bring you awareness for getting from point A to point B and for many of you from point B to point C. It is time to take some time for contemplative reflection. For those of you who journal, it is time to pause and ask yourself, “What is it that I want as my next big step in this life?”

Place your hand on your stomach just below the navel. Place your hand on your stomach just about the navel. And also place your hand on your stomach just above the navel. Breathe into this space. Ask yourself to give yourself the guidance and the knowledge that is present in your being that helps you move forward into understanding and knowing.

Envision yourself accomplishing and being at the end goal completing the task or achieving the concept or bringing the job hunt to a close successfully. And when you do so, invite yourself back through the stages of how to get there and notice the path that you have taken to arrive at your end goal. What is the step that you need to most take next in the immediate future to bring yourself forward to a place of completeness and wholeness, a place of peace.

We invite you now to gently and quietly think of this space as you begin to become aware of the next step you need to take. Create action within the next two weeks of listening to this message for the time is right for you energetically, now to get this ball rolling. Bring it forward in your life. Do not delay. The action must be taken as of today.

We wish to say blessings to you and many, many greetings of joy. We are the Council of Light. We wrap you in a golden blanket of light to sustain you and keep you ever so tight until we are to speak with you again. Namaste.


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