Divine Lotus Healing Council of Light Channeled Message Ghosts Who are Stuck

Council of Light Channeled Message

Weekly Channeled Message: Ghosts Who are Stuck
Sunday, October 24, 2010
Time: 8:44am
Topic: Ghosts Who are Stuck

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Reader Question:

Why do some spirits and ghosts seem to remain stuck in one place, unable to move forward into the light while others freely travel back and forth between the realm of spirit (where they are supposed to reside in between their human life times and humanity) making contact with us?

Council of Light Answer:

Good morning Laura. We are glad you are here. This is a good question Laura and one that we have answered many times before in different ways but today we will answer it directly. Some spirit is just plain stuck. When they have died, they have suffered something traumatic or they die and their soul does not recognize where they are now, or they cannot find any loved ones or people they are familiar with to help them navigate and so they stay in one place. Or, when they die they want to remain attached to the earthly realm and they are not ready to move on. For example, in a home someone may be attached to their physical possessions; their arm chair, their television, the way the kitchen was set. They may have lived in this home for a very long time and as an elderly person when their physical body dies they are not ready emotionally or mentally to get rid of or to separate from their physical times. So, they come back to the physical space inside the house and sometimes they may know that they are residing in a space that now inhabits other humans and are okay living side by side with them and sometimes they are not. This produces what humans call angry ghost encounters inside private residences. The person may become agitated that their things may have moved and they are not willing to understand or acknowledge that the space is no longer theirs. And, they do things to agitate the physical space of the people who live there.

Sometimes when somebody dies from a traumatic experience, say a car accident in a horrific way for example, their spirit, their soul, gets jolted out of their body and thrown into the spirit world very quickly and unexpectedly. And, they are not prepared for how to handle being in this new energetic space and they are continuously trying to replay the moment of the accident over and over and over again so they can get back into their physical body because they think that if they can just do one thing differently it will change the outcome of the scenario and they will no longer have to be in their spirit form. In this case, the ghost, or soul form as we call it, is confused. And, this is the kind of haunting as humans call it that repeats itself over and over again; where the soul tries to have the same experience occur time after time after time. Sometimes it is conscious of doing this and sometimes it is not, almost like a memory.

And, sometimes when children die, especially children of bygone eras of long ago, they do not know how to navigate forward to the people who are in spirit and are waiting for them and are waiting to take care of them and be with them. And, they remain stuck and afraid. This is referenced in many places over the globe. And, there are many stories of children who are crying out and people who are alive on the earth plane hearing their voices.

And, all it takes is a sympathetic and psychic ear and eye to take these children by the hand and lead them to what you all refer to as the light. The reason it is called the light is because souls reside in an energetic space that is different than humans. It is a lighter, less dense, freer, less heavy space and it appears to a person on the earth plane as light. It is much like where we come from although it is not the same level of light as were we come from.

Souls reside there until it is time for them to incarnate again into their dense earthly bodies and it may appear to a human who is helping a spirit cross over and find the right space to reside in; that it is a light space, a tunnel of light, a doorway that opens with light on the other side. And, usually there as spirits there that the soul knows; family members, friends, spiritual guides and the like, who are waiting to receive them. And, we should not that these particular souls have been trying to reach the lost spirit repeatedly. But, it is hard for a spirit to see a bigger picture when they perseverate and have blinders on and are only looking at one task over and over again.

We would like to point out at this time that although we do not judge humans and your actions we ask you to think about the ethical dilemma of many of you who are now interested in this topic of “ghosts” and, wishing to visit them in their stuck state over and over again without helping them to find peace and solace and comfort in their lives. We will put the issue of negative spirits to the side, for that is a separate issue, but those of you who come in contact with or visit places that are known to house spirits that are benign and not malevolent, listening to them or coming in to contact with them just to prove their existence and not offering them any support or assistance in helping them move along to where they belong in their soul form state; we ask you to think about this. We will not tell you what is right and wrong here for we can not be judgmental about your actions and your decisions.

But, we ask you to put yourself in their shoes. For example, when you go to a hotel or a bed and breakfast and you come in contact with a spirit who used to reside there, and many of you go to these places to seek out a particular room to seek these spirits out; we ask you to think about your own being being stuck in that room. And yes we will point out here that in spirit form time is irrelevant. What feels like hundreds of years to somebody on the earth plane is the blink of an eye for a spirit. And still we ask you to try and imagine your self in spirit form residing in that place waiting, trying to find your way out. And, repeatedly having experiences with people, with humans who are constantly coming to make contact with you; to poke you, prod you, push you; explore you. And we say, how would you feel if this were you?

If you come to the conclusion that it is best to help these spirits move forward into their proper energy form or their light space where they belong, there are people who can assist in helping them move forward to where they belong. We don’t recommend the average person who has no experience helping spirits cross over into the light as you humans call it attempt to help them on your own. But, we see that it is beneficial to seek the help of an expert in this field; a channeler, a psychic medium, someone who can contact the dead and converse with them as if they were alive in front of you. For this will ensure that you will remain safe and protected while working with this soul energy, especially if it is the energy of a person that you are not familiar with.

For, before we said we would put to the side negative energy and now it is time to introduce this concept. Spirit that is cantankerous, cranky, negative energy wishes to remain in this in between state, between where it belongs and the earth plane in this stuck, agitated place. And it wishes to gain contact with humans, most of it so that it can control your physical bodies. And we do not wish to alarm you here or make you afraid or scared in any way because ultimately this negative energy is just doing its job. It is full filling its purpose in the universe. It is the yang to the yin, the dark to the light, etc etc etc, as we have said before. However, it is very powerful. And, it can do physical harm to people who reside in earthly bodies and we suggest strongly that unless you are working with an expert who knows how to handle that kind of energy; shield you from it, protect you from it, and detangle you from it should you become attached to it in any way, you are risking exposing yourself to energy that wants to do you harm; control you do you harm, take over your energy field, etc.

We find it particularly interesting that this question is coming right before the holiday of Halloween. Halloween is traditionally a time when most people are interested in spirits and ghosts. This stems from ancient pagan times of which Laura will talk about later this week. And, we see that this interest has not changed much in the millennia that we have witnessed. But, we wish to remind you that you can seek out contact with spirit at any time of year, not just now. You can converse with them. You can talk with them. You can see them. You can interact with them, should you wish at any and all times. And, of course only if the spirit is willing because they have free will in many aspects, even if they are stuck in that hotel room that we mentioned before, they can choose to make contact with you, or not.

So, if you are a person who is interested in making this kind of contact, please remember what we have said. Heed our advice. Take it seriously and tread lightly. There is much respect that is needed on your part to be given to a spirit who is stuck or who is lost and we wish that more of you would acknowledge publicly your loved ones just as much as you acknowledge the scary stories of ghosts and hauntings that you acknowledge at this time of year. For you will begin to understand the questions about how the spirit world works if you are in contact with your own loved ones when they are in spirit form. It can be done.

And with that we say thank you and adieu for we are the Council of Light. We wrap you in a golden blanket of light. And until next week we wrap you and keep you in this golden loving blanket of healing energy, sending from our heart centers to yours. Namaste and goodbye.

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