Divine Lotus Healing Council of Light Channeled Message How to Choose the Right Healing Arts Practitioner

Council of Light Channeled Message through Laura West

Channeled Message on How to Choose the Right Healing Arts Practitioner
Saturday July 17, 2010
Time: 4:27pm
Topic: How to Choose the Right Holistic Practitioner

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Good afternoon Laura. We are glad you are here. We would like to talk to you today about healing and what that word means for it is a label in your society with many connotations and it must be treated with care. Healing can mean energetic repair, physical repair, and emotional repair.

When somebody says they are a healer they do not always mean they can fix you if you should be broken or energetically depleted or physically damaged. For, based on the energy systems that we continually discuss, every individual is in charge and has the capabilities to repair themselves. Most energetic healers, the kind that are referenced through the holistic healing arts fields, are simply guiding, shifting and manipulating energy. They themselves are not actually fixing your body. And by body we mean energy and emotional and sometimes physical through herbs etc. We are not talking about medical doctors from the west with who use surgery to open your body and use tools to fix you. We are speaking of the subtler fields of energy health.

So, getting back to the healers; they themselves are just conduits for energy to move through or from, into or to you. Once the energy is placed inside your energy field it is up to your chemical makeup, your aura, your energetic being to do with it what you will. This happens on a cellular and molecular level and you are not conscious of how much you are receiving. For most often, you are laying on a practitioners table in a relaxed state of mind so you are not consciously saying to every energy particle being transferred to your energy field that you would like it to do its proper healthy good healing work. Instead you are, hopefully, relaxed and blissed out.

We would like to say that you should look upon your energy practitioners as conduits for the energy. They themselves are not miracle workers. They themselves are not gods. They themselves are not extra special, although we wish to remind you that every being is unique and special in your own way. These practitioners should not be placed on a pedestal above anyone else for they are simply doing the work that comes naturally to them and it is not accurate to say, “she healed me,” because as we said, the practitioner is not actually doing the work, they are just the rod for which the energy is transferring through. It might be a hard concept to wrap your mind around because when you are laying on the healing table and the person standing over you is working it may feel like they are doing this to you but we say emphatically, in fact, they are not.

When you are looking to work with a health practitioner you should look for signs that the practitioner understands this for themselves because it will be a key sign that they are “the real deal.” Red flags are to be avoided. And they are as follows:

• Anyone claiming to be the best or ultimate in their field
• Anyone claiming to have all the answers all the time
• Anyone charging astronomical fees that the general public cannot afford

For, we wish to say that energy is free. It is all around you in the universe. Everything and every being is made of energy. So when you pay a practitioner you pay them for their time that is being spent with you. You do not pay them for the work they are doing. They should understand this if they are a practitioner coming from a place of love, confidence, sharing, joy and compassion.

Do you get a good feeling in the pit of your stomach or your intuition from meeting or learning about this practitioner? If they seem like they have your best interests at heart then you should pursue a practitioner client relationship with them. It is important to note that when you pursue a relationship with a practitioner you should hold a level of respect for them and their work in your heart because they have taken the time to learn about this topic and they have become knowledgeable in this field and they are giving their undivided and full attention during your healing session with them.

It is important to note that since you are paying them for their time you need to honor that sacred space that has been set aside for you. We recommend that you be on time for that will honor the sacredness of the work that is about to be done. There are those of you in the universe that constantly run late and we say to you that this is okay. You should not feel bad about yourselves. Your clocks run on a different schedule than your surrounding others. And, if you know this you should explain this to your healing practitioner ahead of scheduling your appointment so that they can set up a system of management that is best to handle your lateness.

There are so many different kinds of practitioners in the world. Not everyone will be right for you. And, you will not be right for every healing arts practitioner either. In order to have a successful energy manipulation session, you both need to be resonating or vibrating at the same level. For example, have you ever been for a massage and left feeling tired or still cramped up or achy or like it was not a truly great experience? It was because you and the massage practitioner were not resonating at the same level. For whatever reason your energy fields did not match during that time. It could be that one of you or both of you was having a bad day and your negative feelings got in the way of your sacred space together. Or, it could be that the practitioner and you always vibrate at different levels.

If this is the case, you should begin to get this sense during your discovery process of the practitioner before you see them. When you are reading the literature about them or you are speaking to them on the phone or you are meeting them for an interview session before the healing work begins how do you feel? Do you feel safe? Do you feel respected? Do you feel honored? Do you feel like they understand your issue that you are seeking treatment for? Do they seem knowledgeable in their field yet not arrogant? If you answer yes to these questions then that is a good indicator that your energy fields match and you should precede with a healing session. If you harbor any doubts be advised that you have free will and you are able to go ahead and take a chance and have a session. But, if it turns out to not be the greatest experience for you don’t say we didn’t warn you. We smile and wink metaphorically here at you now.

The same rules apply for practitioners who are working with clients. In order for you to do your best work and be as present as possible, you must have a connection that is equally matched on an energetic level with your client. There are many variances and specific examples and situations and moments of small time throughout client and practitioner relationships that would counter indicate what we have just said. Each case is individual. And for the most part, these are good guidelines to follow. Sort of like a general rule of thumb.

We see that your world is full of good energy and we see that there are people who are willing to help manipulate the energy to get it to you. And, we like that. For, we come from a very high energetic place in the universe. We are not better than you who reside on earth, we have said this before many times. We are just in a different evolutionary continuum. For a labels sake and easy referencing, it is known as being in a higher energy space but really energy knows no time boundaries or physical boundaries and it can fluidly travel back and fourth, in-between, all around at will. But, in order for the human brain to understand the basics, we are referenced as coming from a high above place down to the earth.

We hope that today’s channeled message has given you some guidance on what to seek and look for in a healing practitioner. We wish blessings upon all of you in humanity weather you are aware of us and the energy we speak of or not. We envision the enlightenment of all sentient beings and the divine. And, we say to you thank you for your time and reading this message today. We are the Council of Light and we wrap you in a golden blanket of light to sustain you and keep you and hold you in a positive energy space during the week ahead. Until the next time we are to “see” you, thank you. We bid you adieu and goodbye.

How do you choose a healing arts practitioner that is right for you? Share in the comments!

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