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Why join the Divine Lotus Essential Oils Membership Program?

Expertise & Knowledge

  • Database of Over 500+ Diffuser Recipes
  • Blog Posts from Leaders on our Team
  • Essential Oil Member Tips
  • Essential Oil Membership Recipe Database

Oil Education in Many Ways

  • Free Monthly Webinars, catch replays when it’s convenient for you
  • Free 2 week Essential Oil Membership Tips Email Course About Oil Basics
  • Hundreds of videos, ebooks & oil spotlights


  • Divine Lotus Essential Oils Membership EXCLUSIVE monthly oil giveaways
  • Free, Valued at $50-100 each giveaway, for qualifying members!


  • Monthly Make & Take Classes in Cambridge (Other Locations Being Added!)
  • Divine Lotus Online Essential Oils Membership Exclusive Newsletter
  • Private Facebook Membership Group
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Divine Lotus Essential Oils Membership Perks

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How To Become a Divine Lotus EO Member

How To Become a Divine Lotus EO Member

1. Request a free oil sample from Laura or one of our wellness advocates

2. Take a class (online or in person) with Laura or one our wellness advocates

3. Get oils through our wholesale membership program

4. Recieve an email upon enrolling that outlines all our membership perks and how to login

5. Go Down the Rabbit Hole & Have Fun!!!

(When joining our Divine Lotus online essential oils membership program there is no requirement to sell or place a minimum monthly order.)

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Every time I order…I look at points earned. It still amazes me! And I love going on a shopping spree once I collect 100 points…it’s really awesome how much we get back FREE!! -Tracy

I’m loving my oils so far and the emails/videos were super cool (awesome job)! Deep blue, lavender and peppermint have been my go to favorites so far and I’m excited to try more! -Ghazy

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Wellness Advocates

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