Council of Light Channeled Message: Remember You are Light

Council of Light July 2016 Channeled Message

Topic: Remember You Are Light

Hi everyone! I’m excited to share this month’s channeled message with you. I know it’s been a while since the last one. I took a much needed hiatus from much of my blogging / channeling for the public. I listened to what my spirit needed and am now being called back to the work. So, enjoy this month’s message, it’s one that is practical and poignant given all the sadness happening in the world right now.

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Greetings Laura. We are glad you are here. It has been ever so long since we drew near in this way, bringing forth messages of love and light we say to the people whom rely on them and look forward to them: but, of course, we understand that sometimes a break is necessary. For, as human beings, you all are working hard. And, that is why our message is one of light and love and hope and play.

We want to express to all of you today that you are not alone. You may feel sad. You may have heavy hearts. You may feel pain. And yet, all you need to do is tune in, ask, center yourselves in a space of quiet, calm, inward reflection.

We come from a place in this universe that is of a higher dimension. We are not human shapes or figures or even angels, you see. We are a light frequency and our light frequency vibrates so purely. Just to remind you, as we have said many times before, we have been tasked with helping humanity grow, become one with nirvana, move into your ever permanent bliss filled enlightenment.

There are many of you who have undo stress in your lives. Take this time as you listen to our words and to calmly reflect and feel the peace that flows through our vibration. Know that we are here to help each one of you in every nation. While it is true that we come through this voice box of this woman who is called Laura West we are open and available to all who request. Our light shines ever so bright. Our frequency casts out into the dark, dark night.

Do us a favor. Sit quietly. Place your hand on your heart. Breathe in. Exhale. Connect with yourselves consciously. We don’t suggest that you let go of the stress. We suggest that you look at the stress with positivity, with a new outlook, with a can do attitude, with a mentality that you will get through and come out clean on the other side.

Think of this as a spiritual boot camp, if you will. File this in your folder of to do, not for tomorrow, or for next year or for some time in the future, but to do as practice in your everyday lives, now.

We invite you to come into a space of harmony and light and grace within your own selves, within your own soul forms that are inside what you call shells – the human body. For your soul knows no bounds, your soul knows no end, and yet, you put it inside this coat, this suit of armor, this body that has limitations. And we are inviting you back into a space of remembering what is right, what is good, what is true.

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You. Are. Light.

You are beautiful and you are just right in your own vibrational, blissful sequence of frequencies.

We, along with many other spiritual helpers, unseen and yet known by humanity, work tirelessly day and night, through and through, to always guide, help, support, protect… you. It is in these ways that we are always here helping humanity to grow.

Sometimes, some of your humans are clouded. They have poor judgement. They have anger and they react from a base place of this anger. They hurt others. They hurt themselves. You do not need to be in this vibration eternally. It is possible to notice that suffering, that sorrow, that pain and yet, reside in your own light filled space – your own light being. You do not need to absorb any negativity from others on the earth plane if you do not wish. And, many of you are like open books absorbing it without knowing that you are. Practice staying in your own light filled centered space so that you will always remain full of grace, even when there are dark times.

Move into this space now. We are here, guiding you, supporting you and uplifting you. Breathe into your center. Feel the light washing through. Exhale out any heaviness, any darkness, any negativity, through and through.

Breathe into your center again. Feel the light washing through you like a diamond, ever so bright, clearing and cleansing and balancing along the way. We are here to say that you deserve peace. You deserve love. As a human race you are all connected from down below to up above.

And let you not forget that on the earth plane this is a space of great, grand wonder, joy and beauty, should you wish to see that all around you.

You may choose to see and sense and feel and know suffering and sorrow and pain, or you may choose to see the grandeur, the wonder, the color, the sound, the loving vibration that abounds.

Listen to us now. We say these things to you from a place that is clear and true. It is full of loving light and vibrational frequency of the highest nature. There is no hate. There is no bias. There is no negative vibe.

We are here to remind you that you are a good soul full of grace and wisdom and compassion and kindness. And if you pause to remind yourselves of this each day for a moment, your vibration will begin to rise and slowly you will shift into a new state of being – a place of vibrational frequency that is light and love itself. The great yogic masters on the earth plane know this. The great spiritual thinkers and teachers vibrate to this. You do not need to be famous or grand or powerful or have magical abilities to levitate to know this too.

You are a true light being. Your soul is clear and pure. It is only through the vibrations of the earth plane that are like what we call pea soup that you become clouded and angry and bitter and judgmental. By regularly cleansing, washing, releasing, letting go, infusing with light you will rise ever so into a higher state of being, into a higher state of grace.

Listen to us here and now in this place. Feel the vibration of love, of higher consciousness, of grace, of wisdom, of truth, washing through you as you hear these words spoken. The vibration we bring is peaceful and loving. We wish you well on your journey through the earth plane and we will speak to you again.

For now we wish you Namaste, adieu, and goodbye. We wrap you in a golden blanket of light to keep you and guide you ever so tight until our next talk with you.


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  1. Laurie Marinelli July 16, 2016 at 10:19 am - Reply

    There is no hate. There is no bias. There is no negative vibe.
    You do not need to be famous or grand or powerful or have magical abilities to levitate to know this too.

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