Council of Light Channeled Message Inner Guidance

Divine Lotus Healing Council of Light Channeled Message Inner Guidance

Council of Light Channeled Message

Topic: Inner Guidance

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Typically the Council of Light channel their message at the beginning of the month, or even a few days before. But this month, they waited to come through. I kept asking, “Is it time?” and receiving the answer, “No, not yet.” So, I honored that and didn’t try to push a channeled session through.

Interestingly, this illustrates the point they make today in their message. They speak about practicing tuning in to our inner guidance during times of stress and really listening to the messages that come through. They even have us practicing a bit while they give the message!

I hope you enjoy and find value in their words. I know I always do!
This 2013 channeled message has been remixed into MP3 format to stream via the podcast.

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