Divine Lotus Healing Council of Light Channeled Message on the Connection Between Others

Council of Light Channeled Message through Laura West

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Channeled Message on the Connection Between Others
Time: 8:17am
Topic: Energy Connection with Others

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We are here with you Laura. Good day to you. Today we would like to discuss energy connection amongst others. For, you all as humans are universally connected to each other upon the earth plane. And, every meeting you have with another serves a great and deep purpose in your lives whether you realize it or not. You see, everyone from the taxi cab driver to the hotel clerk to your spouse and family members, deepest friends, collage mates, co-workers, they all play a role in shaping your life. Even the woman who’s carriage you bump at the grocery store while picking out grapefruit.

Everyone that you meet and come in contact with, either physically or emotionally, in your lifetime, has contracted to work with you in some way before you incarnated in the earth plane. And, it is hard for us to watch as humanity tears itself apart through the acknowledgement of difference and separation of belief. The way that some humans go about projecting their messages of their beliefs and forcing them on others is shallow and narrow minded. For, you are ALL connected. We don’t mean to suggest that everyone needs to behave the same or think the same. But, tolerance is required.

As you go through your life living and having experiences your goal, whether you realize it or not, is to become enlightened, to move forward on your continuum of learning. And, it is up to you how you chose to integrate all the lessons from others that are being given to you on a daily basis. The people with whom you were connected and now don’t see regularly anymore played an important role for you before and it has helped to shape who you are today, because you have either chosen to identify with what they had taught or you have chosen to move in a new, different direction. Lessons can be hard to see as lessons because of your daily experiences. Many people are busy raising families, working hard to put food on the table and to pay the bills. And, we would like to acknowledge that throughout that entire process there is a moving forward on the learning continuum that is happening.

We shall by the way, be speaking soon to the readers of our message about how to listen to your own spiritual guidance from your guides, gods, deities, teachers, however you wish to call us and identify with us in your own lives. For, we are connected to you in the same ways that humans are. You may not realize that we are here with you but we are. We take different forms of representation for different people so that the meaning of us can be understood by individuals. We in essence, are pure, highly functioning, vibratory light. And, it can be hard for humans to accept that light is guiding them through their lives. So, we in turn represent ourselves pictorially as bodies of angels, spirits, sprites, gnomes, fairies, animal wisdom, and the like. It is easier for the human brain to wrap around the concept of something it can understand.

We come from a place of love, guidance, and support. And, ultimately, before you all incarnate, you do too. There are different lessons for all of you to learn throughout your lifetimes. Some of you have farther to go or more to learn or harder lessons it may appear. And, your emotions get the best of you. This is why there are people in the world who make choices based from negativity such as violence, sexual abuse, addictions, hate, and the like. We do not shun or disgrace you for making these decisions based from these negative places for we recognize that along your journey through your lifetime you are learning lessons, sometimes on subconscious levels. And, you are continuously supported even though it is harder for the most part for you to tune into our guidance because you are so focused intensely on the way in which you are conducting yourself; being addicted to a substance, or having control over others, etc. It can be quite painful for the people in your lives who are connected to you through these means and we wish to say that for those of you who are connected to this kind of person, we are here as a support for you as well.

Every being has lessons to learn and we do not come from a place of judgment about how you are to learn. We see that all humans throughout all time have grown with their understanding of the ways of the world. And, unfortunate decisions have been made in the past and will continue to be made in the future but with the ability to reincarnate or start again or try over, “get it right the next time,” you, as humanity, have the potential to grow and learn and enter a positive light space. War, crime, poverty, greed, all those negative aspects of humanity can, and will, melt away. Suffering is a tool for learning and eventually, through the millennia, humanity will learn from its suffering.

There are people who understand this and who are working to raise the vibratory rate of the earth plane for the betterment of all. And, this is why we said in the beginning that you are all connected because everything is energy and energy is everything. And, your job is to navigate your way through, finding touchstones of enlightenment along the way. Those small ah-ha moments in your life when you understand the deeper meaning of something, or the connection being made between you and another, or the way things work on a deeply spiritual, physical, emotional level, nothing you do ultimately is wrong. You may choose to harm others or yourself along the way but ultimately, this is a lesson of learning for your consciousness.

We see that some of you are grappling with the idea that negative choices are helping you learn. And, we hear your many questions of protest and incredulousness about the violence and unfair treatment that you see around you in the world. And, we wish to say that from a larger perspective, humanity, all of it, is growing and moving forward on a continuum. And, as we have said many times before, some are farther along that continuum than others. It does not mean that you are better. It just means that you have learned, or become enlightened, with more, faster than a mate, or a peer, or a partner, or a fellow human.

They too, the people who have yet to learn the ways of peace, love and harmony, will eventually do so and it is up to them how quickly this occurs. The whole point of incarnating on the earth plane is to grow and learn lessons. If all spirit, and by spirit we mean you as individuals, was to be enlightened, there would be no purpose for your lives. You would already be in that light space of all knowingness and you would not have a need to incarnate on the earth plane to learn lessons.

So, your job is to grow. Your job is to change. Your job is to learn. Your job is to love and by love we mean love all unconditionally, without hate, bias, prejudice in your heart, with an understanding that everyone will eventually grow, live, learn, love and do the same. It sounds so simple because it is yet it is so hard for millions upon millions of you to do. We do not forsake you for this. We are charged with helping humanity along the way and we will continue to be here as pillars of support and guidance for you to call upon throughout your awakening processes.

Thank you for your interest in these matters. Thank you for your awakening. Thank you for your readership of our message and what we have to say. And, of course, as always, should you have questions or you are in need of clarification, we are here offering our knowledge, guidance, wisdom, to you. All you need to do is ask and the answers shall come.

Blessings and Namaste. We thank you for reading our words today. We wish you peace in the week ahead. We wrap you in a golden blanket of light for we are the Council of Light. We wish to sustain you and keep you so that you may go forth throughout your week from a positive, loving space and framework of being. Goodbye for now.

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