Divine Lotus Healing Council of Light Channeled Message Purpose of Anger and Punishment

Council of Light Channeled Message through Laura West

Weekly Channeled Message: What is the purpose of anger and punishment?

Monday, August 30, 2010
Time: 8:55am
Topic: What is the purpose of anger and punishment?

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This week’s message was precluded by the following questions sent in by a reader: I’ve been grappling with the notion of revenge or punishment as a way to direct anger, esp. when victimized. Intellectually I understand that it is very destructive and unhealthy. Yet, I find myself seeking the opportunity where my position can be validated and justified (and therefore the other person gets punished for their actions).
So, my questions are:
1. When does anger becomes unhealthy?
2. What does COL think of punishment? esp. b/c i feel like use of punishment was justified in several religious texts as well as in current society.
Thank you in advance for answering my questions…

And now for the Council of Light’s message:

Well, good day to you Laura. First off, we must say these are compelling questions and we commend the person who is thinking about them for if more people began to think about and grapple with these ideas for humanity, your society would begin to change for the better because more people would be analyzing these “tough issues” and be consciously making choices about how to navigate through them. Thus, we have answers in reply to the questions asked.

First, we must say that anger is an emotional tool that has been given to the human body so that it may see, reflect, grow and change. Anger to some extent helps the human body, the human being, the human person, because most people do not like to feel angry all the time and when they feel angry they do something about it to change the anger. So, we are saying to you now that anger is a tool for helping people change things in their lives. Not all human beings are capable of recognizing this and there are a vast many that see anger and let it prevail in their lives continuously throughout their whole incarnation. And, as we have said many times before, this is okay for each of you is on your own path of development towards enlightenment.

However, there is a limit to how far anger can take you within an appropriate boundary. For you see, we as spirit incarnated as love helping the earth to evolve and enlighten itself, come from a place where we no longer need, and some of us never needed, the sensation of anger to help us grow, and, we reside in an energetic space that does not need that feeling to help propel us forward. And, we see that for some humans anger can take them to far in one direction. When it is used to control others or to harm or hurt others or it is used to be destructive and violent it is no longer a tool that is being used for the evolutionary emotional growth of an individual. It is being spread like a sickness or a disease out over masses of people and it harms and hurts and is oppressive. It is destructive and it is not healthy. We call to mind the actions of people in positions of power in places on the earth where they are the sole person in charge of the entire community and they use anger and punishment as a way to control things in their society. This ultimately propels them forward as the person who is always on the top of the food chain or the pyramid or the power platform. It does not help the person individually to grow, see things from a new perspective or modify their behavior in any way.

Which brings us to our next answer and that is simply: punishment, physical, mental, emotional, is something we view as never okay, no matter how justified the means may be. For, as we said before, we come from a place of love and acceptance and peace and we do not need the tools of judgment, retaliation, anger, fear, and hatred, to help us reside in our energetic space or help us grow on our own evolutionary paths. We see that some humans need this but it is at all costs destructive to others. Humans have an expression that says, “An eye for an eye is justified” and we say that this mentality, this thinking, will always perpetuate cycles of violence, retribution, vehemence, jealousy, anger, rage. For, compassion is what is needed to rise above all of the fray to change and grow and learn and move forward in a healthy state.

We would like to remind you that your religious texts have been written by other fellow human beings at different times in the process of earthly incarnations. And, some periods in your societies where these texts were written were during times when the vast majority of the society accepted this “eye for an eye” mentality and thus that perpetuating message is upheld because these texts are still revered as sacred teachings to you all. We wish to say that we see these texts as a great tool for your learning but that not every message inside is meant to be emulated at this time in your earthly incarnations. For, you all as a human race are slowly moving forward on your continuum towards enlightenment. And, many of the lessons that are written in these sacred texts are no longer needed as physical examples of how to behave. Rather, they act as reminders of what not to repeat or what not to do or how not to behave. And, they should serve you, as a humanity and individually, as examples of how to live a changed life for the better.

We as an energetic body of light beings do not condone punishment and we see that this is extremely hard for some of you in human form to understand. If for example someone takes the life of another and the family members are left behind feeling angry at the person who took the life, they may wish for the person who took the life to have the same ending. While we understand that this feeling is natural and it may feel justified in the family’s eyes, it is not. For, it serves no purpose to kill the person who killed. They made a terrible choice and they acted irreprehensibly. However, each time you all individually incarnate on the earth plane it is so you can learn and grow and change. And, if the person who killed is killed themselves they will not be provided the opportunity to grow and change and learn. We see that this stance that we take with this position may feel antiseptic to you as humans or cold or benign but we wish to say that we are truly here to help you understand the laws of your incarnations. And, there are things called the laws of karma, so that a person must go through lessons of any kind; violence, hatred, joy, pleasure, bliss, greatness, angst and in the next lifetime remember subconsciously, and for some a small few, remember consciously, what was taken from the previous life and hopefully not repeated for the worse, only for the better. And, if the family of the person who was killed seeks to have the killer killed then they are acting no differently than the killer. And, this is not an evolved state of being. There can be pain in their hearts. They do not have to accept the killer’s actions as fair, true and honest. They can negotiate for consequence of such violent action but we say simply that having the killer killed is not the answer.

Idyllically, two wrongs do not make one right. The more humans living upon the earth plane who begin to understand this basic yet powerful concept the more your societies will change. There will be more peace and harmony, less strife, more growth economically and socially. People will no longer feel the need to control other people and you will have the capabilities of living in utopian societies. It may sound idyllic and extreme and far away but we say to you very clearly that it is actually possible. There are other planets in the universe that have accomplished this task and are living examples of peaceful, rewarded, healthy places in which the beings incarnate and learn and grow. By living in a utopian society, we do not mean to suggest that you all are in the same energetic space and that you have reached the ceiling of your learning curve and that there is no more need to incarnate and grow, for, there is a difference between understanding the ways of peace and enlightenment. It takes the typical average human being many hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of lifetimes to understand all the subtle nuances of life lessons to reach enlightenment. As we have said before through other channeled sessions and through other material in which we talk about this topic, there are humans who have reached the enlightenment stage and they have returned to earth in spirit form to help you all grow. That is the point of your incarnations each lifetime. You who are alive right now at this very moment are learning lessons. You are growing. You are changing. You are moving forward on your continuums of learning.

And, we say to you now that violence, judgment, punishment, only acts as a blockade to your growth and it should be avoided at all costs and wherever possible. You may feel justified to act violently in some situations and we can see how this would be so because individual perspective and individual anger, individual rage, sometimes feels like it should be shared outward with other human beings, other people in your societies, and by shared we mean put upon them. But when this is done, when anger is spread towards others, when punishment is handed out to others, when violence is doled out to others, it does not help society. It dampens. It hinders. It prevents growth and it holds you all back.

We are not suggesting that you are bad human beings for having these emotions. Like we said in the beginning, anger is a tool for helping you along your earthly incarnations. And, we see that it is something that is very difficult to master and to use appropriately for you to grow. You are not “perfect” and you are not supposed to be “perfect”. If you were “perfect” there would be no need for you to incarnate because there would be no lessons that needed to be learned.

With all of the above just stated, we expect that you as humans will continue to grapple with this topic for a very long time. This is not the first time humans have raised this question, nor will it be the last. We, as an energetic light group, have been asked this question many times before about anger and judgment and the carrying out of punishments as retributions in some form or another. And, we say that we are always here continuously, helping, patiently waiting for you to understand that you need to think about these topics. And, the person who sent in these questions is on the verge of some breakthroughs with their understanding of the way the world works. It may be subtle. It may take time to filter through their being, but it is slowly occurring. And, just by wondering, pondering, thinking, asking about the uses of these heavy, dense energies that we have been talking about today, this person is beginning to sense a ripple on their still pond of water and they are analyzing, questioning, and thus, growing.

That is the point of your lives; to question, to learn, and to grow. It can be done peacefully. There is no need for violence. There is no need for hatred. There is no need for killing or harming or oppressing or owning others in order for you to learn and question and grow.

We as an energetic light body group feel very strongly about this and hold our position firmly and yet we do not forsake you for not understanding. For, we see that you are always learning and always growing. And, just like a teacher helps a student along their path of learning, we too are helping you all along your paths of learning. And, we will not leave you in your times of need when you question, when you ask, when you wonder. These are the times when we are most present with you.

So, with all of this said, we expect there to be follow up questions from either the person who sent the original questions or from other readers who are grappling with these issues themselves, or from both. We are here to support you. We are here to provide answers. We are here to help you grow. For, we are the Council of Light and we wrap you in a golden blanket of light to sustain you and keep you in the week ahead until we are to see you again and share knowledge and teachings for your growth. Namaste, adieu and goodbye.

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