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What is Reiki

What Is Reiki?   Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is an energy within a Japanese System of Natural Healing that can help a person relax and heal on many levels (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual). On a literal and very

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Learn to Recite the Reiki Gokai Principles in Japanese and English

Learn to Recite the Reiki Gokai Principles in Japanese and English   In the Japanese system of Reiki there are five main elements of focus. The Reiki gokai, or principles, are one of them and




I came to Laura when my 4 month old was having trouble sleeping in her crib, in her own room, and sleeping in general! We had tried everything and hadn’t slept in what felt like weeks! Laura was able to give us amazing insight into what our daughter was feeling and thinking. After her Reiki session she began sleeping in her crib all night! It was a difficult and emotional time for me. I was feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. Laura’s calm, loving, and positive energy not only helped my baby but me as well. After our session I felt much more relaxed and less anxious about everything. We cannot say enough good things about Laura! We plan to come back many more times for continued healing and support. Laura is amazing!
BK, Cambridge, MA - Reiki Session
I really enjoy the feeling of coming into my higher self and I get that when I come to class. Everyone’s open and welcoming. Very high vibration! I love this group. After returning to the class from almost a year long hiatus my life has already shifted toward one with much more alignment and happiness! I forgot some things I loved and have since brought them back into my life. Laura and Maura are very gifted and set an amazing space where very beautiful things happen each week. I am so appreciative of their efforts and intentions.
-EA, Cambridge, MA - Psychic & Spiritual Development Class
The amount of gratitude and joy that I have cannot be conveyed through words alone. I am definitely a different person today. The experience was transformative and beautiful. You put so much love, intent and energy into making sure that we all were able to come into our own. You held a space for us to become intimate with our own spirit and the ability to express that into the world with our attunement. Yesterday was special. I graduate with a masters degree in a few short weeks, but this feels like a more sincere and bigger accomplishment. I have been looking for a spiritual teacher/guide, and could not thank the universe enough for letting me connect with you. Many blessings.
MS, Boston, MA - Reiki Class
My spiritual counseling session with Laura West was truly unlike any other I have had. From the moment I walked in the door, I felt like I had entered a sacred space that had been thoughtfully prepared specifically for my visit. The messages from spirit, from my guides and Laura’s guides came flowing out of her with such eloquence, grace, insight and compassion for the entirety of the session. My session with Laura was profoundly healing as well as validating and inspiring. I received answers to pressing questions along with clarity on choices I was previously hesitant to make. In addition, I felt blessed with a feeling of overwhelming love and support from spirit. I cannot recommend Laura highly enough. She is a pure and clear channel who offers a beautiful space for wisdom, healing, clarity and true transformation to occur.
–PH, Somerville, MA - Spiritual Counseling Session