Shinpiden Reiki Class

Reiki Master Class

$900, payment plans available

Class Dates

2019 Course is full.

I only teach this class once a year, in the summer season. And, I only open it to a small group of students each time. Put yourself on the newsletter (bottom of page) to be the first to know when dates are announced.

Class Time

10am – 5pm

Resit Option

If you’ve taken this class before with Laura West and wish to re-sit, a discount is available upon registration.

Registration Prerequisite

You must have already taken Japanese Usui Reiki Ryoho Shoden Levels One and Two.  If you took these levels with another teacher(s), I will ask you to share what you learned previously to gauge where your learning left off.

Shinpiden | Japanese Reiki Master Class

This is the third and final class for learning about the system of Reiki from the Japanese perspective.  Shinpiden means mystery teachings. Upon completion of this three month long class you will be able to practice Reiki professionally (if desired) and teach Reiki to other people.

This class is taught from an authentic Reiki perspective dating back to the 1920’s and 30’s, the years of Reiki’s origins. It includes a Buddhist perspective. It is also free from Western influence and New Age thought.

In this Japanese Reiki master class you will learn:

  • How to give attunements for Reiki Level One (Shoden), Reiki Level Two (Okuden) and Reiki Master (Shinpiden)
  • Ample practice time with the attunement processes and awareness of their purpose
  • One additional symbol that rounds out the complete group to make four total – from Shoden to Shinpiden
  • Values and spiritual awareness of what it means to be a master teacher
  • You will experience reiju (attunement)  so that you can begin practicing Reiki on yourself during class with understanding and clarity
  • You will be given course texts with required reading in between classes
  • You will be expected to give at least three full Reiki treatments to others outside of class and provide documentation of each session
  • You will write a Reiki declaration of intent to be shared with Laura
  • You will attend at least three Reiki clinics offered by Divine Lotus Healing to gain experience in treating others with Reiki. Clinical guidance is given before and after each clinic.
  • Reiki professionalism – for those who wish to start a client practice

Tips for a Productive Class

  • Dress comfortably as this class consists of a mixture of lecture format and hands on practice on the Reiki tables. Wearing layers is recommended as temperatures fluctuate in the building as well as increased exposure to the Reiki.
  • You may bring a lunch (stored in your own lunchbox) or go out in the neighborhood. Within walking distance is an organic grocery store with a salad / sandwich / soup bar as well as several coffee shops and small lunch venues.
  • Bring a covered water bottle (to prevent spills). Cambridge Health Associates has a filtered water / tea station you may use throughout class.
  • Bring a note taking device and something to write with

First Time Class Participants

Please read our policies in full HERE before you attend your first class.

About Your Reiki Master Class Teacher

Laura West, Master of Education & Reiki Master Teacher. I’ve been teaching in the general field of education since 1999 and teaching Reiki classes specifically since 2009. I’ve trained with Master Teacher Joan Ruggiero in the Western lineage, Sensei Arjava Petter in the Jikiden Reiki lineage and Master Teacher Frans Stiene of Japanese style International House of Reiki. You can read more specifics about me on my bio page.

Class Testimonials

A truly magical and unforgettable experience. Laura is trained in both Usui and Japanese traditions.  This gives the class a very grounded and universal feel.  The class is spread out over a longer period of time, giving time to ‘digest’ information, adjust energetically, do coursework and fieldwork. This is such a thoughtful ways to teach a course – its more work for the teacher but really shows a lot of care. The setting was lovely and intimate, and filled with beautiful energy. As a teacher Laura is a fountain of wisdom…her teaching style is compassionate, accessible, and down to earth, which is so refreshing. She offers so much support and resources to her students, and is truly a blessing to the Reiki community- and to the world. I left this class feeling blissed out, confident in my abilities and proud of my Reiki lineage!

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