Reiki Sessions | In Office

What to Expect During a Reiki Session

I provide a safe, comfortable, private space for you to enjoy your Reiki sessions. Lying on a massage table, and fully clothed, you will relax by listening to soft meditation music (or no music if you prefer) as I scan your energy body by using a light touch of my hands. The head, shoulders, chest and stomach are most commonly worked with, along with the chakra system. Areas of physical ailment (such as a tweaked knee for example) are also focused on when needed.

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Distance Reiki Sessions

What to Expect During Your Distance Reiki Session

I will scan your energy body from head to toes, front and back. From this energy insight I will pull out old energy and infuse fresh Reiki as needed. You may experience light tingling, buzzing, heat, or coolness in different parts of your body. All of this is natural and is a sign that your energy body is realigning and purifying itself. You may experience emotional release during the Reiki session. Let the emotions rise and leave. Some people experience a deeper sense of relaxation. Whatever happens during your session, know that it is exactly what should be occurring in that moment.

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Spiritual Counseling Sessions

Who Benefits from a Spiritual Counseling Session?

In a word – YOU!  A spiritual counseling session will provide you with insight which can help you make clearer choices and better decisions around issues with which you may be struggling in your life.

This session is for anyone seeking answers to big life issues.

Spiritual Counseling Sessions can be held in person in the Cambridge office or via Zoom video call.

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