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Everything on this page is stuff I use on a daily basis! It helps me and my busy family run our home in a seamless way. High quality. Function. Form. Style. In some cases, you can get a discount when you order via my link. In other cases, at no cost to you, I earn a small commission if you buy something. Read my full policy & disclosure statement here.

Eat, Drink & Be Merry

The Soji crystal water bottle is my jam! I have several in the collection. It’s the only water bottle I use now!

Small, dark, shaved bark sized pieces of chocolate with goodness inside like sea salt and berries. Need I say more? 🙂 #MyEveryDayTreat

I currently use this flaxseed to support my eye health. I add a couple of teaspoons to my yogurt each morning. Yum!

I pop a tablet a day into my seltzer water for a delicious fizzy healthy drink! 8greens has vitamins: C, B5, B12 & B6 from spinach, kale, wheatgrass, blue green algae, spirulina, aloe vera, chlorella & barley grass. Super goodness. Super tasty!

I mix these chia seeds into my yogurt in the morning for a protein boost!

We make these amazing essential oil mocktails for all our team events using this magnesium powder! You can get one flavor at a time, but I’ve put the link up for a variety pack so you can try multiple flavors and see which ones you like. I actually like them all!

Best tasting, organic vanilla flavored protein powder I put in my smoothie every day.

This is the economy size collagen I put in my smoothie every day!

I add 10 chlorella tablets to my smoothie every day.

I add one scoop of spirulina powder to my smoothie every day.

I add one scoop of this organic cacao powder to my smoothie every day.

The healthiest chocolate peanut butter; I order these two monthly and eat directly from the jar, on a spoon.

Vitamix. Best. Blender. Ever. Totally worth it. Game changer in my kitchen cooking. You can make ice cream and soup in this thing!

Cuisanart Coffee Maker. Keeps coffee warm for up to 2 hours. I love the big, light up, one touch buttons on the front and the water line gauge on the side. Makes it so easy to fill.

LOVE our Instapot! Cooking weeknight meals is SO FAST with this!


Take 20% off your first pair of Rothy’s via my link! (My first pair was the leopard print point!)

This Ivation foot spa is the ONLY one recommended for use with essential oils! I also put epsom salts in mine. Great for when you can’t take a full bath!

I switched my family over to Foutas (Turkish towels) a couple years ago. They are so big, thin and super absorbent. We have a bunch of different colors so when guests come to visit, everyone in the house has their own color!

I use the Clean Mama line of cleaning products. I love her line!

My family ditched paper towels and went with microfiber cloths a long time ago. These are Clean Mama, of course!

I use these basic white microfiber washcloths at night to take off my makeup. Utilitarian. Work great.

TIP: spray directly into the toilet bowl before you go. Removes smells naturally with essential oils!

The best toe socks for yoga, with only one divide, like when you wear flip flops. SO comfortable. And this company plants trees in dry areas of the world every time a pair is purchased. Come in a variety of colors. 


This is the car diffuser I use. It is so simple, so great!

For everyone who has asked: this is the marble roller ball holder I use in the office; it’s from the wonderful Shades of Stone company!

You absolutely need a set of these essential oil bottle openers if you want to save your fingernails! I swear by them.

I use these travel split sides pill boxes to carry my LLV supplements with me on the go everyday!

I love Oil Life! (Owner, Allyse Sedivy is my mentor I trained with in Prague.) Get 10% off your first purchase using my unique referral code.

These hard shell roller ball cases from Oil Life are compact, durable and gorgeous! So durable in fact, I swapped them in for my soft sided clutches and I love how much more room I have in my bag!

If you prefer a plain hard shell case, these ones from Aroma Outfitters do the trick nicely! Come in four colors.

Save 10% on your next order of essential oil supplies from my friends at Holistic Oils!

The Biz

I use Acuity Scheduling for my business. It’s got all the bells and whistles I was looking for in a scheduling software program and then some! It’s the only one I recommend to colleagues looking to use auto schedulers. 

I use the Brother P-Touch Label Maker for all my jars of dried herbs and some of my oil roller balls!

The Reti Cam MT-01 is the tripod I use to film all my videos from my cell phone. It adjusts three ways in the pan-head, has multiple height options with the legs and comes with a carrying case!

When you activate a Square card reader account through my special referral link, you will receive free processing on up to $1,000 in sales! Square is the ONLY company I’ve ever used, since I began taking credit cards all those years ago and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!- great company!

Not only does my family travel using Aribnb, my essential oil team does as well! We hold masterminding leadership retreats 2x a year and we hold a huge weekend long oil immersion retreat for everyone in our Divine Lotus Doterra Team! You can stay in some affordable, cool places in the world this way!

I’ve used PicMonkey for years to design all my images with text and graphics for my website. I use the “annual PicMonkey subscriber” plan. It saves all your work in an online hub so you don’t loose any of it if you have tech issues on your end!

Blue Microphones Yeti-USB Professional Microphone – Steel Red. This is the microphone I use for podcasting. Mine is sliver, this one is red. No difference, just color change!

Windscreen for the Yeti Microphone

2 pack microphone wind covers for yeti microphone (furry and foam)

I work with Crystal, owner of Baxter Creative, on some of my photo shoots and logo / brand styling. She’s wonderful!

I use MOO for my business cards. They are super lux and thick paper. Get 25% off your first order using my unique link!


This is the organic castor oil I use to make my EO eyelash growth serum. Get it, then get the recipe here.

These are the empty mascara tubes I use to make my EO eyelash growth serum. Get them, then get the recipe here.

So, Fraiche makes this great pre-made organic castor oil eye lash growth serum! It’s great for busy folks who don’t have time to make your own from the kit I shared here.

This. Organizer. Changed. My. Life. It’s seriously amazing. Saves so much space on my dresser. Spins. Has a removable top. Fits ALL my doTERRA face products nicely!

Stila Vivid & Vibrant Eye Shadow Duo: Sapphire! The only eye shadow I wear. I have all the colors and they are all named after crystals!!!

Stila Vivid & Vibrant Eye Shadow Duo: Labradorite! I like to pair the Sapphire & Labradorite together for a dark, smokey look.

Stila Vivid & Vibrant Eye Shadow Duo: Jade! Chocolate toned skin looks great in green eye shadow!

Stila Vivid & Vibrant Eye Shadow Duo: Amethyst! Brown eyes look good in purple eye shadow!

Stila Vivid & Vibrant Eye Shadow Duo: Smoky Quartz! This brown is a nice, dark neutral on its own and it pairs great with the amethyst!

Stila Vivid & Vibrant Eye Shadow Duo: Garnet! A nice pinky neutral.

Lipstick Queen is my all time FAVORITE brand of lipstick. I use the pH adaptive line of Frog Prince, Hello Sailor, Midieval and Nudes line. Made with natural ingredients. I’ll never switch, ever again!

My little secret weapon. I can wear eye shadow for 15 hours straight and it stays in place! With this magic stuff: Physicians Formula Eye Primer


This model is similar to mine. I have the Dynamic Santiago Low EMF. It’s important to get one that’s LOW EMF infrared ceramic for best health results.

The BEST microfiber headbands to catch drips. So much more efficient now that I use these in my hour long sweat sesh!

Button snap closure spa wrap towel. If you want a cover up in your sauna but don’t want to have to hold your towel closed all the time. Magic. I have one in each color and use the sauna daily!

It’s a good idea to place a bamboo bench right outside the sauna door for when you get out. This one is very similar to mine.

You also want a couple of sauna back jack chairs. These come in a pair. Two people can use them if you have a two person sauna like me, or if one person is using it, you can put the second back jack on the floor, propped as a foot stool. See my Instagram highlight called SAUNA for pics of how I use mine.

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