Divine Lotus Healing  Gratitude for My Oil Guy

Living in New England I grew up with natural gas for heating – my entire life. Then when I bought my house, it came with oil heat. It was quite a shock that first winter to write three checks in the deep cold totaling thousands of dollars… but I always managed to write the words “Thank You” on my checks. I felt (and still feel every time I write a check) gratitude for my oil guy for providing my family with a warm home. It’s part of an ongoing #gratitudepractice I have in my life.

Last year, in a very deep cold snap with sub zero temps, we had pipes freeze overnight. We woke up to negative temps inside the house, no heat and a one year old toddling around in his snowsuit while the pipes were being repaired by our oil guy’s colleague.

Today, I got an oil bill in the mail. As I wrote the check I noticed handwriting in a place there usually isn’t any. My oil guy wrote, “Don’t turn down the 1st floor thermostat at night for the next week!!!”

We are coming into another cold snap with negative temps (the first one this year). He remembered our situation from last year and took the time to write us a reminder. How caring! It’s the little things like this that make me feel gratitude – for the oil guy – for kindness – for all around niceness in this world.

What about you? What are you grateful for this week? This day? This moment?

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