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Intro to Oils Class

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Two Ways:

  • In My Office
  • One on One video class, I use Zoom video software

Learn how to:

  • Take Control of Your Physical & Emotional Wellbeing
  • Empower Your Self Care Naturally
  • Transform Your Family’s Wellness Routines

Learn about:

  • Two Kinds of Healthcare
  • What Are Essential Oils
  • How Oils are Sourced and Made
  • Essential Oil Absorption 
  • Ways to Use Essential Oils
  • Top Ten Oils
  • How to Buy Your Own Oils at the End of Class
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Upcoming Class Dates:

Mondays, 7pm (in office)

Tuesdays, (via Zoom)

Want to Try a Free Sample?

I love sharing oils with people! Email me to schedule a FREE 15 minute consult to determine which oil to use to support you with:

  • emotions
  • physical issues
  • immune support

I’ll mail you the sample and PRESTO! You’re on your oil journey!

Next you will:

  • Attend an Intro to Oils class (online or in person OR you can skip right to the next step)
  • Buy an enrollment kit through my link
  • Get an amazing deal of the month and exclusive welcome package upon signing up for a membership
  • Get instant access to all my online education to teach you exactly how to use your oils

Sample Bottle Quick Tip

Get a Set of FREE Oils From Me!

As a way to say thank you to you for helping to share my work with essential oils, I will gift you a set of mini-oils in a key chain for FREE!

Here’s how it works:

  • You attend one of my oil classes and sign up for oils
  • Invite your friends and family who are interested in using EO’s to join me at an upcoming class
  • For each person who attends, I will fill a mini oil for you (up to 8 people per keychain!)

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