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Why doTERRA?

doTERRA is a science based company. They source the highest quality oils from around the world – so high quality in fact, many blends can be used internally. doTERRA is actively partnering with the medical field to bring the power of essential oils to the health and wellness industry.

Take control of YOUR wellness care. Help your family be healthy & stay well!

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TESTINGCertified Therapeutic Pure Grade
doTERRA essential oils adhere to strict standards and guidelines for preparation. They test all their oils in their own labs and with third party affiliates for quality, potency and purity. doTERRA essential oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. This means doTERRA carries out the following tests for each and every bottle of essential oil it sends out:

Organoleptic testing
Microbial testing
Gas chromatography
Mass spectrometry
Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy (FTIR)
Chirality testing
Isotopic analysis
Heavy metal testing

doTERRA has dedicated several sustainable models of operation and partnership with other organizations to support social justice themes. These include:

*Healing Hands Charity Foundation – an International registered 501(c) non-profit organization
*Co-Impact Sourcing – dedicated to fair wages and employment of farmers who grow plant material
*Operation Underground Railroad – working towards ending the sex trafficking of children
*Days for Girls Hygiene Education – access to lasting feminine hygiene solutions for girls and women in developing countries
*Mentors International Micro-Lending – giving micro lending financial access to people in developing countries
*Wellness Advocate Partner Projects
*Additional Partner Projects

There are so many, many reasons why I love doTERRA. Here are some highlights:

*Pronounced “doe – terra”, doTERRA is a latin derivative meaning “gift of the earth”
*founded in 2008, the world headquarters is located in Park City, UT, USA
*doTERRA was named the 10th best midsize employer in 2016 by Forbes
*doTERRA enjoys almost 4 MILLION wholesale members with a retention rate of 68%
*doTERRA offers SOURCE TO YOU a website where you can enter the unique code on the bottom of each bottle of essential oil to track the GC / MS report.

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$000Retail Fee

Wholesale Membership

$3500Membership Enrollment Fee

Why purchase through Laura West?

I realize there are a lot of other people out there who are doTERRA wellness advocates. (This is a good thing!) While you can purchase your membership through any of them, when you go through me you have peace of mind knowing a trained herbalist is providing you with information every step of the way. All the info I put out is sourced and cited. I also share precautions and safety concerns (such as how to safely use EO’s with children and pregnant women) as well as any contraindicated uses with western medicine. Yes, EO’s are GREAT and I use them for my family’s health and wellness care, but I won’t preach to you about them being the end-all-be-all saviors for your health. I encourage you to talk with your health care provider about what works best for you. I’m honest and real that way.

PERKS for signing up for membership via Laura West:

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Exclusive deals and product giveaways (I offer these sporadically.)


No, When you enroll in a Wholesale Membership, that is it.

Spend any amount each month, with no limits to get 25% off oils and products. No monthly fees. There is an annual membership renewal fee of $25 and it comes with a FREE bottle of Peppermint, one of doTERRA’s best selling oils.

Yes! You can live almost anywhere in the world and buy doTERRA products. You will want to enroll in the Global Account.

When you sign up for a wholesale membership, you can waive the $35 enrollment fee by purchasing an ENROLLMENT KIT. (See all the options below.)

No. If you are not interested in selling doTERRA products, you will enroll as a Wholesale Customer. If you decide later on to become a wellness advocate (like me) you can upgrade your account to Wellness Advocate. If you know right from the start you want to purchase products for yourself and you want to become a rep, then choose Wellness Advocate. There is no obligation to become a rep, but if you do eventually decide to do this the wholesale membership comes with a free business website and all kinds of back end marketing and sales support resources.

It depends on your needs. When I bought my first kit, I wanted the basic set of oils for my family but I already owned a diffuser so I went with the Family Essentials Kit and Beadlets. You might want the Home Essentials Kit, which has all the basic oils and comes with a diffuser (if you don’t already have one.) Or maybe you are interested in the vitamins and supplements, so, go with the Cleanse and Restore Kit. Looking for cleaning supplies for your home? Go with the Natural Solutions Kit.

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