New Moon Circle

Saturday, April 9


Divine Lotus Healing, Cambridge office

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Emily Smith of Guide to Wholeness Healing will be teaching this class!

New Moon Circle | Crystal Charged Aromatherapy 


New Moon Intention Setting Circle

Together, we get clear on what’s important in our lives and how to harness the moon’s energy along with crystals and essential oils to manifest our intentions into reality.

Join us for an afternoon of connection and craft as we learn about the powerful effects of the new moon for the current month, and make crystal charged custom essential oil roller-ball blends to help balance our emotions and nurture our transformation.

Just like the seasons, the moons’ phases also change, and if we are in tune with these natural rhythms, we can harness the energy to help us manifest our desires.

The new moon is the most potent time to plant seeds and set an intention, so we’ll start with a guided meditation for ourselves to get clear on those followed by exploring the subconscious healing and manifestation benefits of the specific doTERRA essential oils and crystals we’re using for the particular April New Moon in Aries, which is all about taking charge of our lives, committing to our personal goals, and expressing ourselves authentically.

Combine the power of the moon with the power of essentials oils and crystals, and you’ve got a high-vibe experience!

New moons offer us a fresh start, so start your month in ritual with a community of like-minded women supporting one another.

All supplies provided. Make and take home a matte custom crystal charged doTERRA essential oil rollerball blend elixir and waterproof label with RSVP.

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