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Many of the classes we teach in person are also online! Check out the entire collection here.

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Intro to Essential Oils

In this class you will learn about the foundations of essential oils. Where they come from, how they are made and how to use them to transform your health and wellness routines!

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Psychic Development Class

Learn how to develop and expand your own intuition, psychic skills and message giving capacity. In this small group format, we will also practice different forms of meditation to help us remain centered, balanced and tuned in to our higher selves. No experience is required. Beginner to expert – all are welcome!

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Shoden | Japanese Reiki Level One Class

This is the foundation class for all experiences with Reiki, no matter how many levels you continue to learn. You will learn the Japanese history of Reiki as well as learn how to treat yourself and loved ones with Reiki. Upon completion of this one day class, you will be able to practice Reiki.

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Okuden | Japanese Reiki Level Two Class

In this Reiki level two class you will deepen your experience with Reiki. You will learn how to heal emotionally as well as work with sending distant healing energy. Upon completion of this one day class you will be able to practice Reiki.

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Shinpiden | Japanese Reiki Master Class

This is the third and final class for learning about the system of Reiki from the Japanese perspective.  Upon completion of this three month long class you will be able to practice and teach Reiki to others. There is a component of professionalism added to this content for those wishing to establish a professional Reiki practice.

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How to Start Your Holistic Healing Business

In this digital download course, you will learn the key steps to take when launching your holistic healing business. No frills, no fluff, just the essentials. I’ve worked from the ground up, being self taught, learning a lot over the years about what to do (and what to avoid) and I share it here with you in this one hour presentation. Clear, concise, actionable steps are given so you can create a thriving business without wasting energy, money or time!

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